Sovereignty is paramount

 24 Nov 2017 - 17:54

The Peninsula

Sovereignty is of paramount interest to any independent nation in the world and no nation, big or small, will allow another to interfere in its affairs.

Qatar has reiterated time and again that it will not allow anyone to violate its sovereignty. This was reinforced again by Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, when he said that “interference in the internal affairs of Qatar is unacceptable and is a red line for us, and the people of Qatar.”

The reasons espoused by the siege countries to blockade Qatar fell flat in front of the international community as everyone knows that Qatar has always helped international agencies in combating terrorism and terror finance. Qatar has even helped detect terrorist cells in the region, especially in some GCC countries.
So what exactly is the reason for this unjust blockade?

“Did the alleged dispute arise because of the successes the State of Qatar has achieved regionally and globally, and our support for humanitarian issues or our support for the stability of the region or our respect for the demands of the people? Or is it really because of Qatar hosting the World Cup? Or is it to interfere in our internal affairs?” the Prime Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani asks in an interview on Qatar TV.

International media reports had pointed fingers to the fact that one of the neighbouring countries was jealous of Qatar winning the right to host the World Cup in 2022 and they wanted to remove the global showpiece from Doha. There were also plans to disrupt financial markets and tamper with the Qatari currency, which was thwarted by timely intervention of Qatari regulators.

Qatar will organize a great World Cup in 2022 and it will be a source of pride for all Arabs, the Prime Minister said.

Qatar has been progressing at a very fast pace in all social parameters and is bringing in reforms in all sectors, which benefits citizens and residents alike. International labour bodies praised Qatar for the bold labour reforms it is undertaking. Are the siege countries ruffled by the success of Qatar?

The Prime Minister in his interview highlighted that Qatar is planning big ticket reforms like a new law that will allow ownership of real estate by non-Qataris, which will be implemented in the coming year. Public and private sectors are both working hand in hand to bring in self-sufficiency in food, pharmaceuticals and other essential sectors. There is big spurt of growth in dairy, meat, vegetables and poultry and some sectors will be reaching self-sufficiency in a year or two.

Siege countries should realize that dictates will never work and sovereignty of Qatar is a red line. The only way forward is dialogue without infringing on the independence and sovereignty.