Village built for poor Muslims in Sri Lanka at a cost of QR3.3m

 20 Jun 2017 - 17:01

Village built for poor Muslims in Sri Lanka at a cost of QR3.3m
A house built in Sri Lanka.

The Peninsula

Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) will soon inaugurate a village comprising 150 homes built at a cost of over QR3.3m for poor Muslim families in Mannar District, Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

The village will accommodate hundreds of displaced families who were forced to leave their homes due to conflict between government and separatists.

The project will provide 150 homes, mosques and other facilities and was implemented in collaboration with RAF's local partner, a Sri Lankan organization for housing and resources development.

The organisation supervised the project and selected the beneficiary families. Priority was given to the most deserving people like families of orphans, widows and senior citizens.

The organisation did all necessary legal and administrative procedures required for the development of the village located at Ufo Kollam, Mannar District, Northern Province, Sri Lanka. 

The procedures include taking permission from the government to start the project. The organisation also studied the applications of the beneficiaries and was also responsible for following up the project and receive the homes after it was built in a bid to hand over to the beneficiaries.

Each house comprises two rooms, a hall, a kitchen, a toilet in an area measuring 52 sqm. The house also has space outside and an open plot of land that the families can use for cultivating fruits and vegetables for their daily use.

The project provides a suitable home to more than 750 people of poor families who were living in tents.

Some income generation projects will also be launched for the beneficiary families. Job opportunities will be created for them to work in construction sector. They will also be provided opportunities to do some economic activities and businesses. 

Educational opportunities will be created for the children of beneficiary families so that they can go to schools. They can lead a peaceful and healthy life in their new homes away from the tent life that was full of suffering.

A team from the unit for projects in Asia at RAF has been following up the project to ensure that it meets the specification required by RAF.

The local authorities and beneficiaries liked the village. More than two million, 10 percent of the total population in Sri Lanka, are Muslims. Some 40 percent of them are living below the poverty line. Most of them are living in the north and east parts of the country. There is a number of villages that need development in a bid provide home to the residents.

Ufo Kollum was selected to implement RAF’s village because the residents of these areas needed such a project. Other similar projects will be also launched there. RAF implemented already a number of development project in this area.