Qatar treats 15,000 citizens of three siege nations

 10 Oct 2017 - 8:51

Qatar treats 15,000 citizens of three siege nations

The Peninsula

Doha, Qatar: Despite the unjust blockade imposed on the country, a total of 15,000 citizens of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain have received health care services at health centres since June 5, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) said yesterday. 

It indicates that the healthcare services in Qatar are provided to all patients without any discrimination. 

PHCC has received 10,550 Saudi Arabian citizens, 3,353 from Bahrain and 1,284 from the UAE, since the blockade was imposed on Qatar. Importantly, these patients have received exactly the same level of care and similar treatment as any other Qatari citizen. 

PHCC has emphasized that after 120 days of the blockade, its 23 health centres, continue to provide normal services, noting that the medical teams provide health service without any discrimination. “PHCC health centres are providing health services as usual, we are committed providing primary health care services to all people in the country, including all GCC nationals. 

Our Corporation follows values and ethics as well as provide quality healthcare services to whoever in need without any discrimination,” Primary Health Care Corporation said in a statement. 

It also indicated that the blockade did not have an impact on the delivery of services provided by primary health care facilities, where operations in the health centers have been organized with long-term national plans and strategies in place to meet any exceptional circumstances.

PHCC also said that the medicine and medical equipment supply at all health centers were not interrupted due to the blockade. 

“Healthcare services in Qatar has always been given priority by the country’s leadership . The health system in the country is implemented through a clear strategy, which aims to be one of the best health sectors in the region and in the world,” PHCC said in the statement.

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