No shortage of winter camping equipment

 10 Oct 2017 - 8:04

No shortage of winter camping equipment
People gear up for the winter camping season.

Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula

As people gear up for the winter camping season, traders have said that all equipment which campers needed are available in the market and there is no shortage.

“We have found new alternative markets in place of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We are now importing tents which people use during the winter camping and even for other events from Turkey, Pakistan , India and Kuwait,” said Mohamed, winter camping supplies seller. 

He also said that there is no change in the prices and that they were not affected by the ongoing blockade.

“The prices of tents range from QR2,000 to QR25,000 depending on the size and specifications. For example, if it is four to six metres, the price is around QR2,600 depending on the quality; there are some tents which are expensive especially those imported from Kuwait because whose prices start from QR5,000,” he added.

Another trader said, “Earlier we were depending on Saudi Arabia but we have found new markets and the quality is good also. The campers can buy any type they want, and many of them don’t like to buy products from siege countries. Because the winter season is fast approaching, we have started advertising our goods through social media”.

Other equipment which campers use for grilling are available too in the market and prices start from QR150 depending on the quality.

On the cost of setting up the tents, he said, “There is no fixed price and it differs depending on the size and the number of tents and the location. Setting up one tent may cost QR500”.

“Winter camping is something that we can’t miss, because we used to live in the desert and during this season we relive the same experience in a nice weather. It is a chance to forget city life, meet friends and relatives and sit together in that family atmosphere”, said a citizen.

“It also reminds us of the life of our ancestors and preserve our tradition,” he added.

Minister of Municipality and Environment H E Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi recently issued a ministerial decision by organising a committee to take care of winter camping activities. The committee allocates the sites of winter camping and to put the condition of it and to find solution for obstacles which may faces campers. 

Last season which started on November 1, 2016 and continued until April 15, 2017, recorded fewer number of violations compared to the previous season.

About the conditions in winter camping, an applicant must be a citizen with age not less than 25, and should pay QR10,000 as a guarantee, which is refundable in case there is no violation registered against him.

During the previous season, the campers were allowed to plant a maximum of five local trees such as Sidra, Al Ghaf, Al Gharat. Some campers were put in the blacklist for violating the camping rules and threatening Qatari environment and wildlife, like cutting trees, and using the camp for other purposes. Environment inspectors have the right to enter the camps if needed.

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