Countries fabricating justifications for Qatar's blockade

 10 Jun 2017 - 8:29

Countries fabricating justifications for Qatar's blockade
TV grabs of Dr Khalid Mubarak Al-Shafi, Editor-in-Chief of The Peninsula

The Peninsula

Rejecting the "terror list" issued by three Gulf countries, Dr Khalid Mubarak Al-Shafi, Editor-in-Chief of The Peninsula, said yesterday that those countries were trying to fabricate justifications for their act of blockade of Qatar.

Reacting on the "terror list" issued by these three states that includes 59 people including journalists, Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al Qaradawi and 12 entities, among them Qatar-funded charities, Dr. Khalid Mubarak Al-Shafi said, “We have been hearing about such names earlier but let us give one example. Yusuf Al Qaradawi recently visited Saudi Arabia and UAE then why at that time he was not a terrorist and suddenly classified as terrorist" he questioned.

"It means they are trying to find justifications for their act and they failed in persuading their own people. The people in the Gulf are discovering their lies with every passing day." 

Replying to a question on what Qatar's Foreign minister had said about the list, Dr Khalid said: “Foreign minister was clear and stated that among this list some people are already dead like Saad al Kaabi while Saudi foreign minister was unclear and wanted to say something as if it was not from his heart,” Al-Shafi said while talking to "Reality" talk-show on Qatar TV yesterday. “What was more painful was closing of borders and banning travel, It shows that they are cutting social relations and disuniting family members and dividing people while we know that people in the Gulf live as one family. This means they have failed in their plans and I am sure if they allow their people to speak their heart, all people will show sympathy with Qatar because Qatar is a lovable country for all people of the world”.

Qatar University President Dr Hassan Al Derham said: “Qatar University attracts many students from different nationalities among them these three countries. When these (three) countries cut ties with Qatar and asked their students to leave Qatar, we made arrangements to take early examinations for them. Because we deal with them like our sons and are dealing with this situation on humanitarian grounds."

He added: “We should not forget the human relationship between our people. Recently, I attended a funeral of a Saudi man who died at Hamad hospital and all people were sympathising with the family as the Saudi government did not allow his sons to attend his funeral”.

Also Jaber bin Nasser Al Marri, Managing Editor of Al Arab Newspaper said that his name was included in the "terror list" but "I feel proud that my name has come with Al Qaradawi and Qatar charity and others". “I think the goal of the move is to make Saudi Arabia disliked by masses," he added.