First phase results of activities related to National Day announced

 09 Nov 2017 - 0:32

First phase results of activities  related to National Day announced
Participants take part in various activities at the event.

The Peninsula

The National Day organising committee has announced the results of schools and students who have qualified the first phase for participating in the activities related to national day celebrations. The Committee is keen to organise a number of activities for educational institutions for the participation of a number of students. These activities include Aelami al Mustaqbal (Journalists of the Future), Ardat hal Qatar, Ad Al-Qaseed, Almasrah (theatre), Lmradah, and Qatar Debates.
The preliminary qualifying results for the education sector include three boys’ schools and three girls’ schools for the final Almasrah activity. Also there are 15 male students and 15 female students who have successfully qualified for Aelami al Mustaqbal activity. Contestants for activities like Ad Al-Qaseed and Lmradah have also finished the preliminary qualification round. The main aim of organising the activities is to strength the loyalty between the people and the leader, enhancing the cohesion between the citizens and residents of Qatar and to increase the pride of Qatar’s unity in every inch of its land.
For Ad Al-Qaseed activity, about 12 male and female students qualified in the preliminary qualifications among 314 students from 70 schools participated in the activity. For Lmradah activity, six schools have qualified out of 210 students from 15 schools who participated in the qualification round.
For Almasrah activity, out of 22 boys and girls schools participated in the activity, only six schools qualified to the final including Simaisma Primary School for Boys, Mesaieed Primary and Preparatory School and Ikhlas School for Boys among others.
For Ardat hal Qatar, around 480 students from 17 schools have participated while the preliminary qualifications will start before the end this month and will continue for three days. Thirty students have qualified for Aelami al Mustaqbal activity and three students will be chosen from every category and it has witnessed more participation from schools and about 52 schools participated in this activity.