Final round of Arab Drag Racing League begins today

February 14, 2013 - 12:00:00 am

Doha: The fifth and final round of the Arab Drag Racing League will begin today at Qatar Racing Club.

Today’s action will be a culmination of the exciting action witness over the last four rounds.

Founded in 2008, the Arabian Drag Racing League features intense competition in 11 diverse classes including Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous and Pro Extreme - the quickest and fastest bikes and passenger cars on the planet.

In the category of “Pro-Extre”, Al-Anabi  driver Alex Hossler is leading in first place with 1014 points, while US driver Frank Taylor is in second spot with a score of 1013 points, followed by  Von Smith in third place with 607 points

In the category of “Pro Nitrous, occupies Al-Anabi driver Mike Kasatlana in ranked first are four ruonds with 1632 points folllowed by Anabi driver Khaled Balushi in second place with 1220 points, and the UAE driver, Sultan Al Zaabi with 721 points. 

Anabi driver Muhanna Al-Naimi with 719 points and US driver, Steve Jackson in fifth place with 714 points closely follow the top three.

In the category of “Top Sportsman” Emirati driver Khalil Ansari holds the first place with 1632 points. 

Fady Tomor is second with 1121 points followed by Anabi driver Ali Al Merri in third place with 1024 points and  the Kuwaiti driver Imad Qenae is  in fourth place with 820 points.

In the category of “4.50 competition index”,  Bahraini driver Ali Hussein Haggi occupies first place with 1125 points.

Meanwhile, Kuwaiti driver Tarek Al Tary is in second place with a score of 1120 points, and the Saudi driver Hisham Al Mulla in third place with 1016 points.

In the category of “Superstreets outlaw 8 cylinders”, American driver, Steve Jackson occupies first place with 1740 points, while Saudi Arabian driver Majid Al Twailan is in second place with 826 points and Hassan Yousef in third place with 819 points.

In the category of “Superstreets outlaw 6 cylinders”, Bahraini driver Mohammed.  Mohammed is top with 1432 points, followed by Joseph Zayani in third place with 1425 points and Emirati Fahd Al Raeesi in third place with 925 points.

In the category of “Pro Bike”, Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Borshid occupies first place with 1375 points, while US rider Billy Foz is in second place with 1349 points, and the Kuwaiti Mishary Saber in third position with 1177 points.

In the category of “Superstreet” Emirati Mishary Turky is in first place with 1431 points, and the Kuwaiti Yacob Ali in second place with 1426 points, while Qatari rider Mohammed Darwish will challenge the top two with 1021 points in the third place.

In the category of “Street Bike” Kuwaiti rider Misfer Mesfer is in the first place with 1824 points.

Saudi Arabian rider Ibrahim Al Hofy is in second place with 1656 points, and Kuwaiti Khaled Fozan is in third place with 1141 points.

Meanwhile, in the “Drugster” category: Kuwaiti rider, Mohammed Al Sabbah is in first place with 1122 points, and the UAE’s riders Mohammed Abdullah is in second place 1121 points and Muhammad Alilies in third place with 1119 points.

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