Al Khor Airstrip all set to host new high speed racing event

 25 Nov 2012 - 1:13

DOHA: A new high speed event for fans across the Middle East will be added to Doha’s motor sport calendar next week, a top official of Qatar Racing Club (QRC) said.

‘Qatar Mile’ will be held at Al Khor Airstrip on November 30 and December 1, Fahad Behzad, the CEO of QRC, told The Peninsula.

“This event is open to all speed fans. We urge fans to come with their cars, bikes or SUVs and be part of the two-day event,” Behzad said.

The event opens at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm on both the days, Behzad said.

“A rider or driver can have as many turns as possible to increase his or her chances of winning the top prize. The bottom-line is to break the 300-kmh barrier. I think this can be done,” Behzad said.

Behzad said the two-day event will be run on a simple formula: whoever drives or rides the fastest goes home with the top cash prize in various categories.

Car events (8, 10 and 12 cylinders and SUVs) will be split into three categories:  unlimited, modified and stock, Behzad informed.

The 4x4 SUV category event will also be run in similar classes, he added.

“In the bike class, the categories are Bike V twin and Bike Inline,” Behzad explained in Doha.

The top QRC official said winner in the car category will walk away with the top prize of QR 15,000 while the best rider at ‘Qatar Mile’ will go home with a cash prize of QR 10,000.

“The reason we have taken the event to the Al Khor Airstrip is because we have a larger area to play with,” event coordinator Nick Cheliotis said.

“At the Qatar Racing Club track, we organise (drag) races that are run for 400 meters. At the Al Khor Airstrip, our speed fans will race over a distance of 800 meters,” Cheliotis added.

“Besides the bigger space available to us, we opted for the Al Khor Airstrip because of the asphalt surface. For even like the ‘Qatar Mile’, this surface will encourage speeding,” Cheliotis explained.

“We are expecting a large crowd since this event is for everyone who loves speed. We have arranged for more than 1000 VIP seats.

“Catering is taken care of for the participants as well as the fans who turn up at the venue,” Cheliotis said.

Behzad said entry fee for those taking part is fixed at QR 200.

He said owners of Harley Davidsons, Ducati or Suzuki bikes are expected to register for the event.

Entry for the public is free, Behzad said.

Auto Gyro plane show is also part of the two-day event.

The QRC staged the first round of the highly popular 2012 Qatar National Street Drag Racing Championship (QNSDRC) last month whereas the second leg was held two weeks ago.

Behzad said the event is open to fans from across the region though he expected mostly Qatari entries in action in the first round. 

“Our message to motor sport fans is whoever is interested in racing without inhibitions, should come and join us at the Al Khor Airstrip. 

Our venue is the place for you to test your skills and race against others,” Behzad added.

“You are a professional of an amateur does not matter. All you have to do is bring your car or bike and we will see if you can take your vehicle on to our circuit,” Behzad said.

The QRC official said every car entry has to undergo a technical inspection before it is allowed to take part in the event.

“We have made arrangements to make the outing at QRC a fun time for fans of all ages,” Behzad said.

The CEO of QRC said after the Qatar National Drag Racing Championship, his team will prepare for the Arabian Drag Racing Championship that commences in January 2013.

Drifting and Freestyle Drifting are some of the other events organsied by QRC.