QSL to use AZF’s Bridge software

 19 Aug 2014 - 0:23

Ahmed Al Harami (left), QSL Chief of Competition and Football Development, shakes hands with Ali Mohamed Al Kubaisi, AZF Chief Corporate Services Officer, during the signing ceremony in Doha yesterday.

DOHA: The Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) yesterday signed an agreement that will enable QSL to utilise AZF’s Qatar-developed event management system, called Bridge, for its upcoming competitions.
The signing ceremony was held at The Torch, Doha, and attended by Ali Mohamed Al Kubaisi, AZF Chief Corporate Services Officer, and Ahmed Al Harami, QSL Chief of Competition and Football Development, along with officials from both parties.
The online platform, Bridge, was designed and developed by Aspire Zone Foundation in accordance with international standards and best practices. It provides a range of services for managing events, including accreditation, workforce management, transportation and other logistical support services. 
Bridge can also be used for large-scale sporting and non-sporting events and is able to support multiple events simultaneously.
Bridge was developed by Aspire Zone Foundation as an IP owned by the state of Qatar. Aspire Zone has utilized this integrated suite of applications for a wide range of sporting and non-sporting events in the past and has also been working diligently towards promoting the online platform locally and internationally. 
The QSL will be utilise Bridge to support various QSL tournaments.
Al Kubaisi, Chief Corporate Services Officer at Aspire Zone Foundation, said: “We have been actively using the Bridge system to enhance the management of Aspire’s events. We are delighted that through this partnership we are extending this proven technology platform to QSL for their use and we will share our experiences and learn from each other and continue to work together to enhance the capabilities for the benefit of both parties.”
“Bridge can cater to the needs of other non-sporting events and larg-scale conferences as well. We are pleased to offer the ‘Bridge’ for other interested entities in Qatar as well who wish to take advantage of this proven event management platform,” he added.
Praising AZF’s new technology, Mr. Ahmad Al Harami, QSL Chief of Competition and Football Development, said: “AZF’s development of the Bridge platform according to international standards has provided QSL with features that will really benefit Qatari football. They captured the attention of QSL and led to this agreement so we look forward to making the most of the system for the next three years.”
The Bridge system enables the staff to manage tournaments on a large scale and supports the management of five events concurrently. It will be available for the fourteen clubs taking part in the QSL championships. Al Harami stressed that the program will achieve a quantum leap for the institution and clubs alike.
Commenting on how easy the application is to use, Al Harami said: “The Bridge technology 
will allow QSL clubs to take advantage of the program to develop themselves, to solve their own issues and find ways to deal with challenges. QSL will leave no stone unturned in making the most of innovations that will enrich Qatari football and develop our domestic football competitions.”
AZF has successfully implemented the system for its own events, and Bridge has proven highly beneficial for ASPIRE4SPORT, and more recently, the international La Liga tournament.