Ramadan Sports Festival in full swing at Aspire Zone

 10 Jul 2014 - 0:49

Players in action during a beach football match at the Aspire Zone. The unique beach football event has become a popular competition of the Ramadan Sports Festival.    

DOHA: Doha citizens continue to enjoy post-Iftar sporting fun at the superb Aspire Zone community events.
Touchdowns, tackles and topspin were all part of Tuesday’s entertaining eighth day of events at the Ramadan Sports Festival at Aspire Zone. 
On an evening that saw hundreds members of the Doha community take part in a wide variety of sports, highlights included a disabled men’s table tennis tournament, beach football and an American flag football competition.
Amateur sportsmen and professional athletes alike joined in the fun. 
Tuesday night the Aspire Zone played host to several other exciting events as part of its efforts to provide sporting opportunities for all during the Holy Month of Ramadan. 
An American Flag football tournament was one of the most popular activities, with six local amateur teams and over 100 enthusiasts taking part.  
Famous NFL player Husain Abdullah, who currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, was on hand to launch the games, having recently been in training at Aspire Zone with the Qatar national American Football team. 
During the evening Husain interacted with participants and shared some of his training tips. 
For many of the athletes, including Mohamed El Deeb, the event was their first time sampling the sport of American football. 
Commenting after the games, Mohamed said, “I’ve been very impressed tonight by the sport’s popularity and the fan turnout. 
The Ramadan Festival really has catered to all tastes this year and I am sure that free events like this tonight will help encourage the community to maintain healthy lifestyles.”
Among several other community sport events also taking place on Tuesday were a football competition, women’s handball matches and a basketball competition. 
Separately, the Aspire Zone’s unique beach football competition continued with a total of four matches held as part of the tournament. 
Commenting on the high standard of football displayed by the competing teams, Issa Khaldan Al Massoudi, team captain of local amateur side Muraikh, said: 
“This is the second time I have participated in the Ramadan Sports Festival and this year the competition is tougher than ever before. As well as participating in sport, this year I have also attended some religious activities at the Aspire Zone and I have been very impressed with how well organised the events have been.”
The Ramadan Sports Festival is a community-focused event and an example of Aspire Zone Foundation’s year-round commitment to encouraging healthy and active lifestyles among the residents.THE PENINSULA