Doha Goals launches four new initiatives

December 11, 2013 - 2:09:01 pm

Sheikh Faisal bin Mubarak Al Thani (second right), Executive Director of Doha Goals, and Richard Attias (right), Executive Producer of Doha Goals, are seen along with Ghassan W Shakaa, Mayor of Nablus Municipality, Gabriel Ntougou, Adviser to President of the Republic of Gabon and Mohammad Jan, Deputy Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif after the contract signing ceremony in Doha yesterday.
Doha: Four life-changing initiatives were announced at the launch of Doha Goals 2013 here yesterday. 

A Sport Fields Initiative, a programme to give children around the world access to prosthetics, a fund ‘from the athletes to the athletes’ and an international U-15s football championships were some of the initiatives which got the nod.

The initiatives were inspired by some of the 456 ideas put forward by members of the Forum last year.

Sheikh Faisal bin Mubarak Al Thani, Executive Director of Doha Goals, and Richard Attias, Executive Producer of Doha Goals, made the announcement in front of more than 1,000 participants during the inaugural session of the two-day event which kicked off with the formal opening.

Doha Goals is a call to action for policymakers, NGOs, corporations and athlete’s alike taking place at the Aspire Dome. 

In the Sport Fields Initiative,  Doha Goals, in partnership with local authorities, will build football and basketball fields in different cities around the world in order to provide free access to sport facilities for local communities, particularly underprivileged youth.

The first beneficiaries of the sports fields project will be Port Gentil (Gabon), Nablus (Palestine), Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan).

Doha Goals officials informed that an MoU has been signed with the three cities and also with NGOs and institutions who will administer and maintain the fields and create community programs for the local youth.

Under the second project, Doha Goals Prosthetics Programme, children around the world will be provided with good quality prosthetics.

“Quality prosthetics are expensive and a lack of mobility impedes participation in sports and in the community and isolates amputees in these countries working with the Katarina Witt Foundation, Doha Goals will be given prosthetics,” Doha Goals officials said.

Current French and US Open Wheelchair Tennis champion Stephane Houdet and three-time Chinese Paralympic gold medallist Hou Bin are the ambassadors supporting the programme.

The third initiative which has got chosen is the Sport Solidarity Fund.

Under it a multimillion-dollar Fund  will be set up ‘from the athletes to the athletes’ to support athletes and their families while they are suffering from injuries as well as during post-retirement .

The focus will be on four areas namely: The fund will provide funding for counselling and consulting services for current professional athletes and their families to prepare them for retirement.

Post career angel fund will finance business ideas and ventures for retiring athletes. Private sector partnerships will  create internships and training programmes for retired athletes.

A health fund will take care of the rehabilitation services for injured athletes and the education fund will give scholarships for educational programs for retired athletes and opportunities for mentorship. 

The fourth initiaitve is the International U-15 Championships which will take place in Doha. The tournament will take place from April 11 to 14 next year at the Aspire Zone and will be supported by Doha Goals and will feature 10 football teams from the top clubs in Europe and two Qatari teams, it was revealed.

Following the announcements, the official signing of the Doha Goals Sport Fields Initiative took place. Officials from Afghanistan, Gabon and Palestine were present in doah to sing the agreement with Doha Goals. Sheikh Faisal bin Mubarak Al Thani, Richard Attias, Ghassan W Shakaa, Mayor of Nablus Municipality, Gabriel Ntougou – Advisor, President of the Republic of Gabon and Mohammad Jan – Deputy Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif, were some of the officials prestn for the signing ceremony. 

On Monday, the Ministers of Sport and representatives of sports bodies from over 20 countries gathered in Doha to discuss the important role played by sport to promote innovation, economic growth, social inclusion and cohesion for the Doha Goals Sports Ministers Summit. 

Yesterday, Sir Ronald Flanagan, Chairman of the International Cricket Council’s Anti-Corruption Unit, and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald Noble took part in an expert panel discussing corruption in sport. 

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