Doha Goals Football Challenge

December 10, 2013 - 12:05:23 pm

Student volunteers from different countries taking part in the Doha Goals international forum’s Student Ambassadors Programme take part in the Doha Goal Football Challenge tournament at Aspire Academy training pitch at Aspire Dome yesterday. Student Ambassadors Program was created in 2012. Following the success of last year’s Student Ambassador Program, Doha Goals has invited and support 400 students and coordinators from high schools and universities worldwide to participate at the Forum, interact with world leaders and with some of their sporting heroes, join the Doha Goals community and build progressive and social initiatives through sport. These outstanding young leaders are selected for their academic, leadership and athletic abilities and for involvement in their communities. This year’s Program will have even greater geographical reach, and with an increased focus on high school students. Four academic institutions will serve as content partners and will power the Doha Goals taskforces. PICTURES BY:IBRAHIM KUTTY
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