Ministers of Sport Summit kicks off Doha Goals today

December 09, 2013 - 12:08:29 pm
Aspire Dome, where the second edition of the Doha Goals will begin today. The world’s leading platform focusing on sport as a driver of social and economic change, will open today in Doha with the Ministers of Sport Summit.
by Armstrong Vas

Doha: Developing a G20 agenda on sports will be the focal point of discussion at the first Ministers of Sport Summit which takes place here today at the Torch Hotel.

The meet is part of the second annual Doha Goals, world’s leading platform focusing on sport as a driver of social and economic change.

Sports Ministers from more than 20 countries and regions, including South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Italy will be taking part in the debate which will take place on the first day of the three-day global forum.

Executive producer of Doha Goals said Richard Attias said the ‘dream’ of Doha Goals is to host a G20 of sports ministers.

“We want to host a G20 meet of sports ministers. We have the G20 group of finance ministers and we have the G20 group of head of states, but never had a G20 for sports ministers. It is the dream of Sheikh Faisal bin Mubarak Al Thani, Executive Director of Doha Goals, to host a G20 group of sports ministers. Hopefully a decision will be on the evening of December 9,” said Attias.

The summit will be chaired by Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser Al Ali, Minister of Youth and Sports in Qatar, and facilitated by Mandelson, Chairman of Global Counsel and former EU Trade Commissioner.

“We look forward to hosting more than 20 Ministers of Sport in Doha. We look forward to sharing ideas on how government departments can integrate sport into economic, social, education and health policy, as well as discussing how we can collaborate better across borders to promote transparency in sport and to fight corruption,” Al Ali said.

The theme for the Summit is Integrity in Sport, focusing on the promotion of fairness and equality in sports. The discussion aims to create the first ever Ministers of Sport Agenda, which will be presented to the Doha Goals community during the official opening session in front of heads of state and VIPs. As well as the Summit’s closed sessions, which organisers hope will lead to new policy commitments from the ministers present, there will also be sessions open to observers, taking contributions from the private sector, civil society, government leaders and NGOs. Among guest participants will also include Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations and Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd Al Saud, President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee.

The Summit will cover a wide variety of issues including how countries can develop equal opportunities to participate and progress in sport.

Mandelson, who will lead some of the Summit discussions, said: “The Ministers of Sport Summit is a significant development in trying to create policy to form the basis of an emerging G20 agenda on sport. Doha Goals has proved to be an important platform for addressing sport’s role in many countries’ national growth strategies.”

Sporting legends who will speak at Doha Goals 2013 include Olympic gold-medalist Michael Johnson, Jonathan Edwards and Pamela Jelimo, gold-medal winning gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner; triple Paralympic high jump champion, Hou Bin, six-time Grand Slam tennis winner Boris Becker and indoor 800 and 1000 meters world record holder Wilson Kipketer. More than 1,000 participants are expected at the international Forum.The Peninsula

 Today’s Schedule

Morning Run With Champions (7:30 – 08:30am) 

Doha Goals sporting champions and ambassadors will lead a run near the Aspire Zone: 

Doha Goals Football Challenge (10.00-1.00pm)

at Indoor football pitch, Aspire Dome

High school and university students from 40 countries will take place in an informal football tournament, alongside speakers and participants. 

The Role Of Private Equity In Sport (10:00 – 12:00 at Torch Hotel)

During the Forum, we will host thinktanks designed to bring together small groups of industry leaders to focus on creating a vision for the future, and to challenge conventional thinking. To facilitate the free exchange of ideas among peers, the thinktanks will be shaped by a “provocateur” to encourage participants to explore new possibilities. Thinktank participants will report back to participants on the discussions, and their conclusions will form part of the Doha Goals roadmap.

Supporting Athletes In A Second Career

Last year’s panel on this topic had an extraordinary response: this year, a thinktank of industry leaders will work together to suggest ways for athletes, teams, managers and the community to work harder to ensure athletes can make the transition into a second career.

Community Connect (3.00pm to 6.00pm)

In a new programme element for 2013, Doha Goals will host Community Connect both in the virtual and real world. Participants will be encouraged to sign up to our onlinemodule, which will allow participants to offer skills that others might be interested in (expertise in certain countries, digital marketing skills, training and so on) as well as request help in areas they need (advice on community building, on-the-ground support in countries and so on). The module connects people, suggests who they should meet, and allows them to book meetings. This session is the real-life version: participants will meet one another, 

have a chance to network, but also discuss the issues that they deem important, and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Ministers Of Sport Summit at Torch Hotel (1.00 to 7.00pm)

Doha Goals will convene the first ever Ministers of Sport Summit. The theme will be Integrity in Sport, and will provide the platform of the discussion of issues and best practice in tackling corruption, and the promotion of fairness and equality in sports. Further, the Summit will draw up the first ever Ministers of Sport Agenda, which will be presented to the Doha Goals community on the second day, with ministers participating in panels to answer questions from the private sector, civil society, sports federations, and students. Agenda items and commitments from the Summit will be added to outcomes from the Forum’s taskforces to create a combined final Doha Goals Ministers of Sport Agenda.


Doha Goals is the premier platform for world leaders to advance social initiatives through sport.

In 2013, a number of innovations have been added to the programme. This year, for the first time, the Ministers of Sport Summit is been hosted alongside the Forum, focusing on the promotion of fairness and equality in sports. The theme will be Integrity in Sport. Agenda items and commitments from the Summit will be added to outcomes from the Forum’s taskforces to create a combined final Doha Goals Ministers of Sport Agenda.

Rather than acting as a conference – where ideas are traded but rarely enacted – Doha Goals is an initiative with the express intent of empowering stakeholders to create a roadmap for social improvement through sport, and launch cross-border initiatives. 

Three initiatives were chosen from the 456 ideas put forward by participants at last year’s Forum, feasibility studies have been carried out and they are moving into the implementation phase – a direct outcome from last year.

Focusing on the continued development of the Doha Goals community, a online and on site platform is been built during the Forum to facilitate knowledge transfer between participants. In addition, mentorship sessions with some of our sporting champions and business leaders will be available for the first time for participants and our 400 studentambassadors, to be booked in advance.

The 2013 edition of Doha Goals will be focused on practitioners, working groups and public-private partnerships; while alternate years will focus on heads of state.

Sporting champions at 

Doha Goals

Sporting champions as speakers for this year’s Forum 

Hamza Abdullah, NFL player, formerly Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (USA)

Boris Becker, Partner, Becker Private Office (Germany)

Hou Bin, triple Paralympic champion, high jump (China)

Ato Boldon, former world champion sprinter, and former Senator (Trinidad and Tobago)

Nadia Comaneci, triple Olympic champion, gymnastics (Romania)

Bart Conner, Olympic champion gymnast (USA)

Hicham el Guerrouj, world record holder, 1500m, 1600m and outdoor 2000m (Morocco) 

Tony Hawk, 12-time world champion skateboarder and Founder, Tony Hawk Foundation (USA)

Kelly Holmes, double Olympic champion 1500m and 800m and Founder, DKH Legacy Trust (UK)

Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic champion and eight-time world champion sprinter, and Founder, Michael Johnson Performance (USA)

Wilson Kipketer, world record-holder and champion middle-distance runner (Denmark)

Dikembe Mutombo, former NBA player, Houston Rockets (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Hasim Rahman, double world champion heavyweight boxer (USA)

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