​Hosting Games one of Mandela’s last wishes

December 07, 2013 - 8:15:30 am

LAUSANNE, Switzerland: Anti-apartheid campaigner and IOC member Sam Ramsamy wants to bring the Olympics to South Africa so that he can fulfil one of Nelson Mandela’s last wishes.

As the world mourned a man hailed as one of the greatest humanists of our time, South Africa’s International Olympic Committee representative Ramsamy said it “was is a time to celebrate the achievements of Nelson Mandela”, who died on Thursday aged 95.

“Like everyone else we are grieved tremendously. But this is not the time to be mourning. This is a time to celebrate the achievements of Nelson Mandela, there are too many to record,” Ramsamy said yesterday at IOC headquarters where the organisation’s flag was flying at half-mast in front of the building.

“He always stated that sport is a uniting factor, it is a universal language, it is a non-verbal language. He always said sports can transmit to very many people which no politician can do. And that we will always remember.

“Undoubtedly the World Cup held in South Africa in 2010 was something he always wanted because he felt he wanted a major event in South Africa. He was part of the team that went to Zurich to campaign for the 2010 World Cup.

“He also campaigned to get the Olympic Games. When I last spoke with him. About eight months ago, he said ‘Sam, when are we going to get the Olympic Games’? 

“I said ‘We’re trying our very best’. And hopefully in the future we can commemorate Nelson Mandela’s activities, his passion for sport and his passion for the Olympics in trying to get the Games to South Africa in the very near future.” REUTERS
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