Happy ending for West, Ramos at Indianapolis

 12 Aug 2014 - 0:00

QMMF Racing Team rider Anthony West in action during the Moto2 Grand Prix at Indianapolis on Sunday.


INDIANAPOLIS: QMMF Racing Team rider Anthony West had a happy ending to a race that began with a nasty surprise as he rode to ninth place in the Moto2 Grand Prix at Indianapolis on Sunday.
West was within the main pack of riders when Switzerland’s Randy Krummenacher made a mistake and took West out along with himself. West’s Speed Up bike slid into Mattia Pasini, who was on the ground already after a crash of his own.
Since Pasini lost consciousness for a while, the race was interrupted. The Italian was taken to hospital where it was revealed that he escaped without any serious injuries.
“I had already passed Randy Krummenacher some corners before and I was braking on my normal line into turn 10 when Randy was trying to pass me. He was clearly too fast because I had been braking late myself. He lost control and hit me, so we both crashed. My bike went sliding into Pasini who was already lying on the track,” West said.
The race was restarted with a shortened race distance of 16 laps. West was immediately on the pace again. He was 16th after lap one but he worked his way towards the front — moving up to the 10th position by lap six and in ninth place with three laps to go. With more race time and a little more engine speed, he would even have been able to battle it out with the three riders in front of him.
“After the re-start, I managed to find good rhythm. I passed a lot of other riders and to take a good result. It was the happy ending of a weekend that felt like a roller coaster ride. The first day was perfect, everything was good, the bike worked well, I was comfortable. Then yesterday was a disaster, I felt the bike was slow and that I didn’t have enough grip. Now with the race result, I am happy again, even though I am a little bit disappointed because I know I could have beaten the three riders that were in front of me. I felt so much better than them but my bike was too slow. Even if I was in the slipstream, the others would pull away. With a little more speed, I could have been in front of Cortese. I could have been sixth, but the engine did not allow it. Our next engine change is scheduled for the next Grand Prix at Brno. I hope we will be lucky enough to get a faster one!” West added.
West’s team-mate Roman Ramos made a similar recovery from his difficulties in practice and his 34th starting position. After lap one in 27th position, he managed to hunt eight more riders down as the race went on and proudly finished in 19th position.
“It was a complicated weekend for us. I started from the last position on the grid because we had a lot of set-up problems and I couldn’t do a fast lap in qualifying.
“Today in the warm-up, there was a little improvement on the bike and I felt a little better myself, so we managed to improve our lap times. In the race, I took advantage of these improvements and I managed to make up a lot of positions. I am happy with what we achieved, the team worked well and gave me a motorcycle that was good to ride. I hope we can continue to improve because we are too far behind in the championship, which is a situation that I don’t like at all. In the next races, we will work hard to make up some positions but for now I want to thank my team for not only for improving my bike but also for encouraging me.” Ramos said.