QMMF Racing Team rider West keen to improve qualifying pace

 24 Mar 2014 - 13:08


DOHA:  QMMF Racing Team rider Anthony West yesterday finished in 10th spot in the season’s opening race that left the Australian Moto2 star wanting to improve his qualifying drills in the rest of the season.
West, 32, picked up 6 points as Esteve Rabat of Spain won the first Moto2 race of the season ahead of Takaaki Nagakami and Mika Kallio.
QMMF Racing Team’s second rider Roman Ramos, making his debut in Moto2, finished in 20th spot.
“I am not satisfied with whole weekend just because I was struggling with my qualifying. Mentally I psyched myself out,” West said.
“I thought I had fixed this problem. I need to work on this. I need to relax more. I am happy with the way we have raced. I am happy with the result,” the Australian said.
“I am disappointed with my last lap. I could have been 8th but two guys passed me by,” West said. 
“I think it is a strong finish for the team. Last year I crashed here and didn’t score any points.
“I think this is a good result for us to start the season with,” West said.
“There are many races to go. I know what my problems are in qualifying. I just need to fix them. In the next two weeks I will be trying to change my whole approach as to how I come to a race track,” West said.
“Mentally I need to change how I enter qualifying. I know I am fast enough,” West, who started from 26th spot on the grid yesterday, said. “I just got to do it when it counts. My racing is not a problem. I can race with anyone. If I were to turn up and race, I could do it. But I got to learn to do better in qualifying,” the former MotoGP rider said.
“Last year I had a lot of stress and problems and that is all gone now,” West explained. 
“I know what my problems are, which I guess is a good thing. I just need to fix them. I have been changing a lot of things in my life. 
“First race, I think I stressed out myself too much,” West said.
“I need to approach the races better and more relaxed. I am stressed on the bike in qualifying and I go slower. In the race I am faster than anybody out there,” he said.
West said QMMF Racing Team officials should celebrate the bright start with both riders combining to finish the race and pick up points.
“It was a good race for him (Ramos)...a good start for the season. I hope Qatar are happy. I would have liked to have a better result. I would have hoped for a better result but this is a strong finish,” West said.
“There are a lot of races. I am happy for the support and I think we can improve from this,” he added.
Louis Solana, the team’s backroom staff chief, said: “I think we did well but Anthony needs to work on qualifying. He can do it. He is fast in the races. He just needs to focus more in qualifying. He could win races if started from the front grid.”
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