Unexpected problems slow West, Ramos in Indianapolis

 11 Aug 2014 - 0:00

The QMMF racing team’s rider Anthony West is hopeful of improving his speed after being dropped to 22nd following qualifying at the Indianapolis Grand Prix, yesterday in Indianapolis. 


INDIANAPOLIS: After a strong and promising start to the Indianapolis Grand Prix, both QMMF racing team riders ran into unexpected difficulties in qualifying, yesterday.
Anthony West, who had been fifth and happy on day one, didn’t have the same feeling and confidence after the round.
Unable to attack the same way when the hunt for the best places on the starting grid went on, he dropped back to 22nd in the time sheets.
Team-mate Roman Ramos was on a steep learning curve to meet the challenges of the famous Indy Speedway, but ran into a mix of set-up problems that stopped him from climbing up in the time sheets. Both riders now hope to find last-minute solutions in the warm-up session today that will allow them to push harder in the race.
“We were right on track yesterday, but today I am not happy,” said West after the qualifying.
“I don’t know if weather or temperature changes have to do with it, but the bike didn’t feel the same and I didn’t have the confidence to push hard,” he copmmented.
 West added: “I also think we were down on engine power today, because even if I was coming onto the straight faster and almost touching the back wheel of other riders, I couldn’t pass them in the slipstream. I hope I can return to the speed and confidence that I had on Friday when it counts in the race because I really want to fight for a good result.”
Meanwhile, Ramos said: “It’s a difficult weekend for me. I have been able to steer well clear of last position in qualifying for a long time, but today it hit us.”
 “We have a lot of set-up problems and I don’t have a good feeling with the bike,” he said.
“It doesn’t allow me to do the things I want to do and I can’t go fast. Of course we will try to improve the bike in the warm-up tomorrow and I hope we can find something that allow me to find a better rhythm in the race because today, we were clearly not fast enough.”