Monteriso rides Al Adaid to win

November 08, 2012 - 9:31:11 am

Jockeys in action during a race at Al Rayyan tracks in Doha yesterday. 
DOHA: Al Adaid, owned by Mohammed Al Sulaiti clinched the Lemail Cup at the Al Rayyan race track yesterday.
The horse was ridden by Marco Monteriso who beat three competitiors. 
Five other races took place yesterday evening.
Results: First race: Barre (Mark Lawson) 1, Sodouh Al Naif 2, Gamr Al Shahania 3, Nazzam Al Uraiq 4. Won by: 8, 4, 1 1/2. Time: 2:03.51. Trained by: Mohammed Khalid. Owned by: Salem Fadgam Al Hajri and Sons
Second race: Tameh (Mark Lawson) (1), Sharood (2), Maxenesse (3), Maseratti (4). Won by: 10. 5, 3 1/2. Time: 1:59.75. Trained by: Ibrahim Al Malki. Owned by: Ibrahim Saeed Al Malki
Third race: Polish Phantom (Darren Williams) (1), Christmas Aria (2), Adabi (3), Big Gees (4). Won by: Distance, 3, Shd. Time: 1:50.23. Trained by: M Khalid Owned by: Darren Williams.
Fourth race: Johny Hancocks (Yanis Auoabed) (1), Cometh (2), Peter Anders (3), Freckenham (4). Won by: 3/4, 2, 3. Time: 1:11.73. Trained by: Jassim Al Ghazali. Owned by: Mansoor Ibrahim Al Mahmood
Fifth race: Jalmoud Al Jazeera (Mark Lawson) (1), Mogida (2), Jarrah (3), Raedah (4). Won by: 2, 1 1/2, (5). Time: 2:00.61. Owned and trained by: Hassan Ali Hassan Al Matwi.
Sixth race: Al Adaid (Marco Monteriso) (1), Jelmud (2), Divamer (3), Akhal (4). Won by: 4, Hd, 3. Time: 1:19.10. Trained by: Mohammed Al Sulaiti. Owned by: Essa Mohammed Al Sulaiti