QMMF’s Prinz delighted with her show at maiden Grand Prix

 14 Jul 2014 - 0:01

QMMF’s rider Nina Prinz gestures after finishing her German MotoGP race, yesterday in Sachsenring, Germany. This was Prinz’s maiden GP experience.   

SACHSENRING: QMMF racing team’s wild card entry Nina Prinz got cheers from ten thousands of German fans when she rode to 27th place in her first ever Grand Prix, leaving another rider behind her.
But apart from the happiness of “Princess Prinz”, there was no much joy for QMMF Racing Team at Sachsenring. 
Anthony West, who had arrived from the last GP at Assen with a milestone victory, struggled with a lack of rear tyre grip throughout the race. 
Even though he managed to recover some positions from his 25th place on the starting grid, he couldn’t do better than 17th and was bitterly disappointed to finish outside the point rankings.
Team-mate Roman Ramos suffered a similar fate. 
Even though he ended up winning an exciting battle against Switzerland’s Robin Mulhauser by mere fractions of a second, he also struggled with a lack of tyre grip and finished in 23rd position.
West was unhappy following the race. 
“I’m not happy with myself and I am not happy with the bike,” he reacted.
“After our success at Assen I was confident that we would be able to get another good result here, but our reality in dry conditions is much different to what we experienced on the damp Assen track,” he lamented.   
The rider added: “I need to qualify better, so part of our poor result is my own fault. But the bike needs to change, too. It’s a battle just to ride it, let alone trying to battle with the others. I’m constantly fighting with a lack of grip and trying to make the bike turn. I am pretty sure why we have this problem,” he said before hoping for changes in the future. 
Meanwhile, Ramos termed it a tough race.
“It was a difficult race. I had no rear grip throughout the race, which made it hard to ride and impossible to fight for a better position,” he commented.
“It’s not pleasant to lose so much time in comparison to the front runners on such a short circuit. All we can do is to keep our heads down and work toward the next race where we will hopefully suffer less than we did today.”
However, Prinz enjoyd a contrasting fate in Germany.
“I was lucky to find somebody else to battle with,” she remarked  after the race.
“I could watch his lines and I rode much faster than in qualifying, which felt good,” she said while expressing satisfaction on her performance. 
“My lap times were very consistent, only in the end I got confused when we got lapped and I lost one position,” she explained.  
Prinz termed the experience as good overall.  
“But all in all, I am very happy with my lap times and with the race. I enjoyed being here and riding in front of this fantastic crowd at Sachsenring and I want to thank the QMMF again for giving me this opportunity,” she said. 
 “I will stay and continue to ride for them in Qatar and, who knows, I might have another chance to ride a Grand Prix in the future.”THE PENINSULA