QSL increases basic salary of Qatari players

May 29, 2014 - 1:21:46 am

Doha: The Qatar Stars League (QSL)has decided to increase the basic salary of Qatari and naturalised citizen players. 

The increase will see the basic salary go from QR5, 000 to QR10, 000 ($2, 750) per month. 

This was announced yesterday by Ahmed Al Harami the Chief of Competition and Football Development for the QSL.

“This decision was taken to ensure that all the players in the QSL have a decent standard of living and also encourage Qatari players to keep playing football and not to other jobs where the wages might have been higher,” Harami said.

The new pay increase decision was taken after a study showing the average salaries of Qatari people across a range of professions. 

The study found that in comparison to other sectors the basic salaries of QSL players was low and so the necessary increase was made, in order to keep hold of the players and ensure that they have a good quality if life. --

The annual basic salary as of next season will therefore be QR32, 0000 ($88, 000) and the maximum per month for the basic salary will be QR26, 000 ($7, 150).

Apart from the QSL salary which all the players are eligible for, the players are also allowed to sign separate contracts with their club. The club contract can be double the value of the QSL basic salary or up to 20 times more in some cases.

Meanwhile, Lekhwiya will hold their summer training camp in Belize, Austria

The QSL champions will leave for Europe at the end of July for their pre-season training as they look to retain the QSL tile. 

The training camp will be held from the July 29 to August 11, the club officials informed.

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