English FA proposes total betting ban

April 10, 2014 - 12:00:00 am


LONDON: The FA has proposed a complete ban on anyone involved in England’s top eight tiers from betting on any soccer match or competition anywhere in the world, it said in a statement yesterday.

Participants are currently blocked by Rule E8(b) from betting on a match or competition they have been involved in that season or on which they have any direct or indirect influence.

However the FA council has recommended a total worldwide betting ban, as well as a prohibition on betting on any other football-related matter such as transfers, team selection or the employment of managers.

“The proposed betting rule adjustment to encompass all aspects of world football provides a simple and straightforward message to all participants on where the line is drawn,”  director of football governance regulation Darren Bailey said in on the FA’s website (www.thefa.com).

“It is important to stress that the rules form only one part of the overall framework for the regulation of betting and maintaining the integrity of the English game. In addition to the monitoring of betting markets throughout the world, education remains a key part of our work.”

Participants are also currently banned from using or passing on inside information for betting.

The FA’s proposal for a blanket ban would apply to those playing at so-called Step 4 or above in the league system.

The proposed rule change needs agreement at the FA shareholders Annual General Meeting (AGM) next month. REUTERS