QSL, Kahramaa join hands

February 17, 2013 - 1:34:40 am

DOHA: Qatar Football Association President Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al Thani recently held a special signing ceremony to agree an official partnership with Kahramaa, Qatar’s General Electricity and Water Corporation.

The partnership was signed by Sheikh Hamad and Essa bin Hilal Al Kuwari.

“We are trying to engage all stakeholders,” said Kuwari, President of Kharamaa. 

“This agreement will ask football to help Kahramaa achieve our goals. We want to communicate with all the people in Qatar about this campaign,” he added.

“We are trying to send a message outside of Qatar about our commitment to sustainability and saving the environment because we try to reduce our CO2 emissions. We are very proud that reducing our emissions is very high on our list of priorities. This is a commitment by us to the people that we will achieve our goals.

“Football is a very powerful tool and we hope it can be used to push our message. This is the idea.  We have to use this partnership as the main tool to communicate with a lot of different sectors,” he added. 

Initiatives will  be implemented at Qatar Stars League matches to help Kahramaa deliver their message of protecting the environment.THE PENINSULA

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