Italians reopen Pantani case over murder suspicion

August 04, 2014 - 12:00:00 am

ROME: Public prosecutors in Italy have reopened the case into the death of former cycling champion Marco Pantani after new evidence emerged.

The news led to several Italian media regurgitating the theory that ‘Il Pirata’ was murdered in 2004.

“We have just received documents sent by those close to (Pantani) and we have opened an investigation,” said Paolo Giovagnoli, the public prosecutor in Rimini, where Pantani’s body was found in a hotel room on Valentine’s Day 2004.

“We will read them and if we decide to proceed with a new investigation we will appoint an examining magistrate to do so.”

The 1998 Tour de France winner was initially recorded as having died of an acute cocaine overdose.

The news led sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport to run the headline: “Pantani was killed, forced to drink cocaine.”

The newspaper continued to claim that the investigation had been reopened into “homicide and tampering with a body and crime scene.” Reuters