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Inspiring students with 1001 Inventions

November 17, 2012 - 3:53:10 am

by Salim Matramkot

An exhibition that displayed rare inventions and discoveries of Muslim scientists of the Medieval Age was held at the Museum of Islamic Art here that ended last week. Titled 1001 Inventions, the idea of holding this expo was to encourage school-going children take interest in science subjects and opt for science as a career. A roving expo, it had been held in many cities and had attracted more than 50 million visitors before being held in Doha. Electronic screens were installed and with a push button an animated figure of a scientist would appear and explain his inventions and discoveries. Some inventions were displayed at the venue. Among the Muslim scientists featuring in the expo were Ibn Sina (the famous 10th century musician, astronomer, physicist and mathematician from Bukhara), Abbas Ibn Firnas (musician also known for inventing magnifying glasses—specs that we use today—and who reportedly survived a controlled flight in the 9th century in Andalus or Muslim Spain) and Jabir bin Hayan, the famous chemist of 8th-9th centuries, among others.