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We need an Islamic renaissance

August 14, 2014 - 12:39:52 am

We lived calm and beautiful days, thank God, but there were uproars all over the Arab world, with shocking news and pain inflicted on us — for what Muslims are suffering all over the world

While Western countries were calm and quietness prevailed there, Arab nations as usual came on top of news because of unrest.

We still live in alert since the bombardment of Gaza, and that is our only role! We rush into helping when we hear about destruction and bombardment, so we adopt orphans, build houses and feed starving people.

All misfortunes only happen in the lands of Muslims, and donations are not enough to cover all the needs of the affected people, these will not heal their wounds.

We got tired of reports of killing and bombarding Muslims unjustly and wrongfully and our hearts over-strained because what our eyes saw were the bodies of innocent people, including infants and mothers. 

We became cheap in the eyes of the Westerners because Arab countries are not united, and because some agreed on what happens to others. However, when they see a crisis in the West, they condemn, denounce and use the common word “terrorism” to describe Muslims with no exception, while they are real terrorists.

We only stand with no action, we urge no serious decision. This is making us lose respect, being undermined and others looking at our blood as cheap. 

It was natural to be undermined, our holy places defiled and destroyed, and the people in Gaza to be bombarded in Ramadan with no Muslim leader supporting and taking a serious stance to defend them. With all gas and petrol we have and can buy armies, planes, weapons and everything that wars need, do we accept the bloodshed of Muslims? 

How would it be like if we were in their places, watching our children killed, our families injured and dead? Do you imagine what is happening? Is there a solution?

In my article on August 22, 2013, I expressed fear that the unrest in the Arab world would reach the Gulf region, as countries in the north and south of the Arabian Peninsula are unstable now. 

We became just audiences and watched what was happening around us, as if we were watching a movie.

The only thing that is different is that if we did not like the movie, we can easily change the channel. However, reality cannot be changed, so we are forced to watch the painful events.

Just look at how many people have been killed and injured in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Gaza and how many harassed and oppressed there.

It is worth knowing that the modern Western colonialism has changed, as conquests no longer rely on armies and fleets because this can cause many losses, however, they rely on Arab-Muslims, whom they manage by remote control. They make things erupt and then come as rescuers, but in fact, there are vandals who kill and burn. The UN or human rights organisations are just two faces of the same modern Western colonialism that only aims to destroy Muslims.

Everything has a beginning and an end, we ask Allah to aid this stricken nation, help it rise from the tribulations and help us find a solution that will make the Westerners respect Muslims, seek reconciliation and fear our anger. 

I wonder about the day when the West comes to respect us and decides to live in peace with the Muslims once again, and how we would get there?

My brothers and sisters, what are we waiting for? Are we waiting for the conscience of the international community? Where is it? So what scares us? Do we fear death? Is there a better death than to die fighting for the sake of Allah?

Muslims! We need an Islamic renaissance, a call for jihad for the sake of Allah, our religion and beliefs, defending our sanctities and holy places.  I ask Allah to make us die as martyrs as King Faisal had said.