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Cloning of the just tyrant

June 12, 2014 - 1:24:07 am

“To what extent do we need a rightful tyrant?” This is what is being promoted in the Arab world today after the Arab Spring revolutions that erupted in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen: from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Peninsula. 

A rightful or fair tyrant is the saviour who will rule with authority, reconstruct, eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood, give everyone his rights and pave the way to democracy, where the people have a word to be listened to and a will to be considered. 

Religious institutions and groups whose affiliates’ convictions change after elections, in a new trend, adopted this saying previously. This saying is being adopted again today by secularists and leftist groups.  

One of the most important obstacles facing democracy in the Arab world after the eruption of the Arab Spring revolutions is that some people have begun to advocate an exceptional status. These people include politicians, military officers, and religious and other elite institutions that control power. These advocates distort democratic values, underestimate them, and frighten people about the consequences of democracy in order to perpetuate the hold of the deep state on the levers of power.

Then everything related to the deep state becomes mere show, including ballot boxes, as they are complementary tools, bringing us back to the earlier stage, which we thought we had passed, when people in the Arab world started to demonstrate in the streets demanding justice and freedom. 

We are witnessing a stage of serious transformation, apparent in the shock of the strugglers, who become tyrants. Moreover, those who come to power promote suppression of others, whether they wear the cloak of religion or the West’s hat.

In addition, institutions become tools serving the regime. Many of these institutions promote liberal values such as rejecting suppression, killing and supporting the right of peaceful demonstration, but we find them supporting killing, suppression and deposing of Islamists because they are different and seek power as many Islamists do. 

The same happens at the opposite end of the spectrum and everybody is drumming to the rhythm of the song, “May God keep the hands safe”, referring to soldiers. 

How can justice live with tyranny and vice versa? Or must tyranny visit everyone evenly? 

One day, Omar bin Al Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) delivered a speech, saying to people:“listen and understand”. Then, Selman Al Farsi responded: “By Allah, we will neither listen nor understand”. 

Omar asked for the reason and Selman said, “because you wear two garments and we wear only one”. 

Omar told his son Abdullah to respond. 

“My father is a tall man, that’s why he took my garment, which I received like all Muslims, and knitted it to his”, said Abdullah. 

Afterwards, Selman said: “Now say what you want, Emir of believers, and we will listen, give orders and we will obey”.

We can firmly confirm after the Arab Spring that the Arab world has become a nation other nations cannot stop laughing at because of its ignorance.

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