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The crisis between brothers comes to an end

August 28, 2014 - 1:46:03 am

The most important thing in the emergency meeting of the foreign ministers of GCC countries in Jeddah last Wednesday is what some people close to decision-makers said. 

The sources confirmed thatfirm decisions had been planned with the aim of bringing the Gulf crisis to an end, which is one of the issues that overwhelmed Gulf capitals over the past months.

The sources came to this conclusion after closely following up and analysing the shuttle visits between the capitals of these states.The visits were undertaken by some top officials of GCC statesduring the past few days. 

There had been a sincere common desire to reach anunderstanding in order to bring the crisis related to ambassadors to an end. The desire was for this crisis to be terminated in a way that does not allow it to pop up again.

We certainly know that a major portion of the Gulf meeting was dedicated to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip upon an initiative that seeks to make the Palestinian people stronger in the face of the Israeli aggression. 

This is expected to initiate joint Gulf action, one that contributes effectively to suspending and preventing the Israeli aggression. 

The joint action will also seek to offer financialand humanitarian support to Palestinians with the aim of reconstructing what has been destroyed by Israelis inthe Gaza Strip. 

This, in fact, makes it necessary for Gulf countries to get closer toone another so that we,as Gulf citizens,can forge greater unity in the face of such crisis and many other regional issues.

Our leaders (God bless them all) had brooked no delay in supporting the Palestinian people. This was one reason why the emergency meeting was dedicated to the situation in Gaza. Part of the meeting was also dedicated to removing the existing misunderstandingsbetween the Gulf countries. 

Observers had noticed stronger ties among the Gulf States than ever before. Some agreements were reached with the aim of closing foreverthe folder of differences among the Gulf countries. 

This has contributed to curbing the verbal skirmishes through the media between four Gulf countries;a media campaign that raged strongly during the past months. 

This is actually what we aspire for and impatiently wait for. Because Gulf citizens are only interested in ensuring that the future of their council is foreverbright and strong. They also want to make sure that the steps for integration taken by the states belonging to this council keep moving ahead. 

We in Doha were very optimistic because the Qatari wisdom said “we are ready to take sides with the united Gulf without being dictatedby anybody”. This was why we pinned hopes on the high-level official’s efforts in many Gulf capitals in the past few days with the aim of getting rid of this crisis in a wise manner. 

These efforts also coincided with a slowdownin the media campaigns. Thanks beto God that the fabricated campaigns disappeared, with thereports and articles criticisingeveryone and everything without any consideration to the tiesand brotherhood between the peoples of the sister countries.

Al-Sharqnewspaper contributed to this optimism and talked in its leading article about the breakthrough expected in defusing the Gulf crisis. 

The newspaper reiterated the fact that “Gulf relations are deeplyrooted in history” and that “Gulf countries are tied with each other and have a common fate.” It also emphasised Qatar’s keenness on strengthening relations among all Gulf countries. 

We want the relations between our countries to be one of solidarity, agreement and harmony as far as international issues are concerned. This is what we really hope to achieve.