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Qatar supports the Gulf line without diktats

March 13, 2014 - 4:28:53 am
The least that can be said about the sudden withdrawal of ambassadors of friendly countries —Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain —from Doha, is that it is an unprecedented development in Gulf relations. 

This was done on the pretext that Qatar did not stop supporting “hostile media”and backing what has been described by the Gulf states as “intervention in internal affairs”. Moreover, Qatar did not stop backing everything that threatens “security and stability in GCC member states” through security or political action. 

These positions have been taken over issues taking place outside GCC borders. They do not require the furore and tension, which culminated in the recall of envoys. 

The Qatari response to this escalation from friendly states was calm and balanced. The Qatari cabinet expressed Qatar’s regret and surprise at the friendly states’ statement. The cabinet statement confirmed Qatar’s keenness on fraternal ties between Qatari people and people of other Gulf countries — this is what prevents Qatar from taking a similar measure, namely withdrawing its ambassadors from these states. The statement added that this move adopted by friendly states has nothing to do with the interests, security and stability of the people of the Gulf. 

The prologue of the friendly states’ joint statement was marred by fallacies. It was full of sentiments, which cannot deceive the wise. 

The statement addressed the issue of adhering to the principles, which ensure non-interference in the internal affairs of any GCC country. 

Besides, the statement settled the stance of these states, saying it is a result of realizing on their own part the magnitude of challenges the region is going through that forced the three countries to take the action they deem fit to protect their security and stability. 

Those who seek to harm the region cheered and welcomed the rift, which the three friendly countries have caused as they escalated the situation by withdrawing their ambassadors from Doha.

Those people have made the incident look bigger and fabricated issues that were brewing in their sick minds. They found an opportunity to attack Qatar and mulled over widening the rift by claiming what they thought about Qatar, the country that blinded them with its huge achievements. 

Qatar took on major powers and pulled the rug from under the feet of many larger friendly states, which claimed to be great and treated other countries with arrogance. What matters for these states is to maintain their positions which tend now to be wobbly. Some people have shown ill intentions by fishing in troubled waters and harbouring evil for us. They seized the opportunity of the dispute between brothers to sow the seeds of sedition by using their lethal ‘written weapons.’ They attacked Qatar by writing what typically belongs to them because they, and those like them, are hypocrites. 

Mention should be made of Egyptian writer and professor of Political Science Gehad Auda, a prominent member of the Egypt-disbanded National Democratic Party. He revealed his deep malice by saying that the withdrawal of ambassadors from Qatar by Arab states will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Hassan Naf’a, a professor of Political Science at Cairo University, who does not shy from telling lies, said that withdrawing the three ambassadors from Qatar is like cutting water and air from this small-sized country. In the same context, Egyptian journalist and writer Farida Al Shobashy, who recently converted to Islam, said that Arab states gave a strong blow to Qatar. 

A call to our nervous Gulf brothers: You have to be careful of the sedition because it is asleep and God damns those who wake it up. Be careful, those who clap for you today will laugh at you tomorrow. May God keep you safe!