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Qatar working to end Israeli offensive

July 24, 2014 - 2:45:01 am

From the moment Israel started implementing its criminal and aggressive plan in Gaza, Qatar took several actions at various levels.

Qatar was the first country to denounce this new assault on Gaza and its innocent people. It did not stop there, as the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani – May Allah Protect Him – led an international campaign to condemn the aggression and decided to take a firm stand to bring to an end the suffering of the Palestinians.

Therefore, he communicated with leaders of the world and various organisations, including the United Nations, in order to end the flagrant aggression on the Gaza Strip.

He also called on the international community to stop this assault on Palestinians and end the eight-year-old blockade that has seen no attempts to break it.

The only attempt that aimed at lifting the siege was made by H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in October 2012, when he visited Gaza, becoming the first leader to do so.

Three days ago, the Emir called on the international community to fulfil its responsibility and restrain the Israeli war machine and its policy of collective punishment.

A few days ago, the Emir was in Ankara, where he met the Turkish president and the prime minister and discussed the Palestinian cause.

Qatar also made other diplomatic moves to form an international consensus against the Israeli crimes in Gaza, which do not spare children, the elderly or women.

This Qatari position reaffirms the regional and international role of Qatar under the leadership of the Emir, and the stature and credibility it has.

The Qatari stand during the Israeli aggression on Gaza in December 2008 was also a remarkable one. The then Emir had called for an urgent summit in Doha to support Gaza, on the second day of the aggression.

Qatar sought to heal the wounds of families in Gaza by taking action, not by uttering mere words or giving promises.

Qatar and its leadership stood beside our brothers in Gaza. It was the first country to call for lifting the siege and the first country that worked on rebuilding what the Israeli aggression had destroyed.

Qatar did all this despite obstacles aimed at discouraging it and foiled efforts to end its support for Palestinians in Gaza so that they know that they are not alone and that they have brothers in Qatar who feel their pain and seek to heal them.

This article is not meant to list the role played by Qatar to support the Palestinians and their cause, as Qatar, represented by its leadership and citizens, affirms that what it is doing is just its duty towards its brothers in Palestine, particularly in Gaza, which is facing a brutal Israeli aggression. We do not expect any rewards or thanks from anyone.

Today, the Emir is taking various actions at different levels to halt the Israeli aggression in Gaza and to get back the legitimate rights of Palestinians to live with dignity and move freely, and to lift the siege, which goes against all humanitarian and divine laws. 

Over the past few years, Qatar has developed a set of initiatives related to the Palestinian cause. It supports the Jerusalemites Fund with a capital of $1bn; Qatar alone donated $250m. Unfortunately, no other Arab state has donated to the fund so far, which is unfortunate and disappointing to our people in Palestine.

Before that, Qatar stood with Palestinians to rebuild Gaza after the Israeli aggression, and it allocated around $500m. It started implementing vital projects related to the needs of citizens despite obstacles created by some parties, especially in carrying construction materials required for the implementation of the projects.

Qatar also donated more than once to support the power sector in Gaza and paid the salaries of employees in Gaza on more than one occasion. A month ago, the Arab Bank refused to transfer the allocated amount to Gaza.

Qatar works silently not only in the Palestinian case but also on many other issues related to our Islamic and Arab nation, far away from the spotlights and accolades that others seek.

Today, Gaza is facing aggression and we have not heard the president of any Arab state speak about this tragedy or condemn the crimes being committed in Gaza.

The only step taken was by the Emir on the first day of the aggression. He took serious steps that had an impact on the international community and its institutions and some parties and countries called on Israel to stop the massacre of innocent people in Gaza.

Unfortunately, the Arab League has disappointed Palestinians, as usual. It even failed to hold a real meeting that was supposed to result in an active Arabic stand to support Gaza and end the unjust aggression.

The League just held a meeting to approve the truce initiative of Egypt. The initiative later turned out to have been crafted by Israel without consulting the resistance factions in Gaza.

The goal of this truce is to save the Zionist entity from sinking into the swamp of Gaza without taking any steps forward, while the resistance surprises to Zionists and “Zionised Arabs” every day. Therefore, allies of Israel rushed to submit the initiative to save it from what it had got into.

The conspirators against Gaza, whether they are individuals or countries, are being unveiled every day. Their faults are being revealed, their masks are falling and people are finally seeing their true faces.

Gaza and the resistance will be victorious eventually. The delay in victory is revealing that those who claim to be supporters of Arabs and Islam are more dangerous than enemies of the nation.