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Qatar, Gaza and the required role

August 14, 2014 - 12:40:37 am

The Gaza Strip has witnessed the most evident war crimes that were committed by Israel against life, in every sense of the word, for a whole month.

Israeli naval, air force and ground forces took part in this war and used all kinds of weapons, including new internationally prohibited weapons that will be unveiled soon.

The Palestinian resistance was amazed by its exceptional performance despite the unfair siege imposed eight years ago, which was legitimised by so-called “Palestinian Authority”, and some Arab states and Israeli governments.

The resistance was able to keep Israeli residents inside shelters for hours. Airports were closed as well, tourists were unable to reach Israel as international airlines and travel agencies closed their doors because of rockets that targeted every corner.

We expected Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to support residents of Gaza by allowing the resistance front from the West Bank with the same force of the people of Gaza, I’m sure that Israel would be subjected to demands of Palestinians, but unfortunately, the authority headed towards another unavailing path.

Arabs all over the Arab world were shocked by the news carried by some agencies that said the Israeli Prime Minister confirmed in his weekly statement that there are some Arab countries that are allies of Israel and supporting the action taken against the people in Gaza.

We know that Egypt after the coup is a true ally of Israel against Gaza; the proof is the initiative it submitted to stop war in Gaza, which pours directly into Israel’s interest.

Egypt keeps closing Rafah border crossing point and precluding any aid for Palestinians; it banned volunteer doctors to cross to Gaza to help their brothers there, it also banned entry of food and medicines, except for Emirates Red Cross.

Admittedly, the performance of the Palestinian resistance during the Israeli war in Gaza left many Arab regimes embarrassed in front of their citizens — how an organisation under siege for more than 10 years could manage to resist the most powerful army in the Middle East — the army that uses all types of weapons for a whole month, and is getting support from the superpower without kneeling down or raising the white flag?

I’m talking about Arab countries and parts of their lands occupied by Israel and Iran and have armies that are equipped with the newest weapons that cost billions of dollars, however, they could not free their lands. Therefore, some Arab governments resent the Palestinian resistance.

The question now is about the role played by Qatar. Since the first moment of the war on Gaza, our wise leadership has been preoccupied with working to stop the war.

The Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani made communications with Arab presidents and leaders of international community to exhort them to find solution to the crisis and stop Israeli aggression on Gaza. The Emir also dispatched the Foreign Minister H E Dr Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah to various capitals in a bid to put an end to the assault.

Qatar’s government and citizens have not been away from the Palestinians since the dispute intensified between resistance factions in 2006. The former minister of foreign affairs H E Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani went to Gaza to find a common ground between factions.

The Father Emir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani also exerted efforts on behalf of Palestinians, including launching projects in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.

Qatar was never partial to any one party against the other like what some countries are.

The Father Emir was a leader who visited the Gaza Strip to support and stand in solidarity with its residents in their legitimate demands to claim their rights back, unify the Palestinian line and lift the siege.

Some wondered why Qatar was invited to the ministerial conference that was held in Paris, while Egypt and Mahmoud Abbas were not invited.

The reason is Qatar’s diplomatic efforts are pure and do not include any special agendas as it only seeks the interests of Palestine, and save innocent people, while ‘Egypt after the coup’ and Abbas became parties to the conflict. 

Didn’t Abbas say that rockets of the resistance are just fireworks? Is not he against the resistance? Is not he with continuance of negotiations with Israel despite the fact that negotiations did not result any achievement since 1993? So, why would he be called to the conference?

All Qatari charities also stood in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza; a day was dedicated to raising donations for Gaza. Journalists in Qatar have an important role as well, as they should shed the light on the legitimacy of the resistance and the right for a country with no siege.

Qatari journalists also should confront the unjust media assault that tries to discredit Palestinians in the eyes of coming generations. Allah would make them victorious.