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UK papers attacking Qatar

June 19, 2014 - 2:22:36 am

British newspapers will not likely calm down as far as the issue of Qatar’s winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup is concerned. These newspapers have used every opportunity to smear Qatar over the past four years. They have used these opportunities to achieve their wicked aims and the aims of those who support them. The plans of these evil people are becoming clearer day by day.

The astounding thing is that British newspapers are continuing their unrelenting attacks on Qatar even as other international newspapers are not doing so. More surprising still is the fact that Qatar did not compete against Britain to host the tournament in 2018. Russia competed against Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium to host the event. Spain and Portugal had also presented a common proposal to host the World Cup, but finally Russia was selected as the host.

It is well-known that Russia was chosen as the host not because of a better bid.  The country did not even give any written guarantees to Fifa. The football body, however, trusted promises made by Vladimir Putin, the then prime minister of Russia.

The decision was controversial at the time. What is surprising is that British newspapers did not dwell on this issue at all. The decision to grant Russia the right to host the 2018 event was politically motivated, no doubt. Why are British newspapers silent on Russia? Is it because it is part of Eastern Europe, which has never hosted the World Cup before?  The countries in this region also have what it takes to host such a tournament, after all.

Even more notable is the fact that the media in countries that competed against Qatar did not go berserk over Qatar winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup. The United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia competed against Qatar for hosting the event. Their newspapers, however, did not attack Qatar, as the British media has been doing. 

Newspapers in these countries would have been justified in criticising Qatar and Fifa on this issue, but they did not do that.

British newspapers are making noise not because their country did not win the right to host the World Cup in 2018, but because Qatar won the right to host the competition in 2022. This raises many questions. 

These newspapers cannot have good intentions. Nor can any rational person believe that these newspapers mean well. The campaign against Qatar indicates that these newspapers have either been paid to do this or want to blackmail Qatar. They want to keep us busy thinking of these small things in order to exhaust us. This is why we want our government to be firm in dealing with these newspapers.  

A decision must be taken against these newspapers without delay. A legal team should be formed to deal with this issue. A public relations team can also start international public relations campaigns to counter the attacks of these newspapers. 

The media team launching these campaigns must use the weapons these newspapers use. In doing this, we must be careful not to allow anybody to blackmail us. We must also speed up projects related to the tournament as well as infrastructure projects so that we can avoid the problems faced by Brazil, which have also been overlooked by British newspapers. 

Deeds speak louder than words. Deeds must be the message we deliver to the whole world, Fifa and British newspapers.