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Why were the ambassadors withdrawn?

March 20, 2014 - 4:25:51 am
It was unforeseen when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in protest at Doha’s “interference in their internal affairs”, which can be described as a flimsy excuse.

The Qatari response was calm, balanced and confident, as Qatar said it regretted its neighbours’ decision, which has nothing to do with protecting their security and stability.

Qatar added that the decision might be related to differences of opinion on a number of issues outside the GCC.

Qatar’s government expressed disappointment and surprise at the statement issued by the brotherly countries and said in a statement that it would not withdraw its ambassadors from those countries because it was committed to ties of brotherhood between Qatar and other GCC states.

It was clear that the withdrawal of the ambassadors was plotted with a hidden aim. It was a shock to the three countries that Kuwait and Oman did not withdraw their ambassadors, which means the GGC states are divided over this matter.

It is also clear that Qatar’s policy towards Egypt was the main reason for the step taken by the three countries, which is usually taken when countries have become politically and diplomatically estranged. It seems that the three countries did not like Qatar’s attitude towards the Egypt crisis. They want Qatar to agree with other members of the GCC on the crisis. Qatar has always been rational regarding the coup that toppled Mohamed Mursi.

After the blood of Egyptians was shed, Qatar’s stand became bolder, while the three countries kept plumbing millions and supporting what was going on in Egypt.

These countries thought that it would all be over in a few weeks, but it continued, and they were embarrassed as they had promised to financially support the government after Mursi, unlike Qatar, so they consider Qatar’s stance as a deviation from the consensus of the Gulf and a threat to the security of the region.

They also could not stand the Al Jazeera channel revealing things, and the inability of other channels that were launched to compete with it to counter it. They have become like “rented wailers” with no sense or soul.

They forgot what other media outlets, which they support, do, when they asked Qatar to stop funding the “opposite” media, meaning Al Jazeera. However, Al Jazeera did not ask them to stop funding media outlets and campaigns against it.

Newspapers of Gulf countries that attack and impolitely criticise Qatar can be found selling in Qatar. What the three countries asked for totally contradicts their actions.

If there are crises in the three countries, what has Qatar to do with it? And why do they want to divert attention by creating a foreign crisis? 

Would it not be better if the three countries discuss the issue internally, like the GCC countries have done for the past three decades, instead of raising it in public and causing confusion?

What the three countries did will not make people panic or become jealous. People of the Gulf know how deep relations between them are, and political decisions of their regimes will not affect them.

Qatar’s security and stability is associated with the region’s safety and Qatar cannot abandon it, as what affects the Gulf countries affects Qatar as well. The claim that Qatar threatens the security and stability of any member of the GGC is illogical and needs proof, which the three countries could not provide.