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Why govt paperwork in this digital era?

January 02, 2014 - 6:42:38 am
We are living in a digital era, with a digital culture, screen touch and wireless Internet. These are new cultural concepts, as they pop up like a vigorous stream to the world, and we are part of this world; we get what others in the world get. 

I cannot imagine, especially in the time of technological predominance and electronic dealings in all fields, that there are institutions and government agencies that will not give up paperwork, even as the Internet has opened up a whole new world for them.

As a citizen, you cannot complete any paperwork electronically at any government institution despite the fact that each citizen has his/her national identification number. 

You have to carry a pack of papers under your arms and struggle with traffic early in the morning. You barely find a parking spot, and then reach your destination and beat a maze of offices until you finish what you came for.

Here is an example:

Let us assume that you are a Qatari working in the private sector, and want to move to the government sector. 

You just need to realise the amount of paperwork you will be required to do to achieve what you want. 

First, you have to get clearance from the Ministry of Interior to prove that you are not working for it. You need similar clearances from the Army, the Ministry of Labour, and the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority.

Having received all these documents, you need to head to the Criminal Evidence and Information Department to get a conduct certificate. 

Any employee at the Human Resources Department at the intended place would have just sent emails to all these agencies to get all information about the applicant, and the inquiry would just take minutes.

Examples abound about the total disconnect between what we do on a daily basis and the digital age we live in. By a simple click of a computer button, we can do more work with less effort. Is it not worth a thought?
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