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Yes, Gazans won against the Zionists

August 21, 2014 - 12:23:04 am

Thanks to the persistence and determination of its men and their reliance on Allah, the Victorious and the Perfectly Wise, Gaza prevailed despite the brutality of the Zionist killing machine and the mass destruction caused.

The victory of a defiant Gaza has become a reality that says, “Here is Gaza, the land of dignity and pride; here is Gaza, the symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice; here is Gaza, the ascension of martyrs to heavens; here is Gaza, the nation of honourable men; here, women are being metaphorically called men.”

We know that the ethics of war state that it is a shame to use conventional weapons against unarmed innocent civilians. So what about using the most powerful weapons against women, children and houses that get destroyed. 

This happens in Zionist war zones, even if their soldiers wear armours. This cowardice and consternation are not new in Zionist soldiers who are known for their villainy and despicable methods despite their modern weapons which are known to target innocent and unarmed citizens. It is not surprising because such practices flow from their genes.

What can be considered unacceptable, however, is dissension between parties who claim Arabism and Islamism to gloaters, allies to the enemy and 

the silent.

On the other hand, to you heroes, congratulations on your victory, and we owe you the lessons you gave us on the sacrifice that those who are proud of their long history of struggle couldn’t do.

They now hold power who abused it after shaking hands with the Zionist enemy and allied with them in signing shameful treaties, wearing their medals.

In a few days, heroes of Gaza were able to debunk these swindlers, so may Allah bless you free people of Gaza! We felt ashamed of ourselves as we saw your courage and resistance that did not weaken.

You fought in this international war that makes comparison between the two sides very ridiculous as military standards are not the same. So you won just by not getting defeated while fighting one of the most powerful armies, which is supported by leaders of major countries.

It is being said that if the powerful army did not win, then it is defeated, and if the weak defenders are not defeated, then they are considered victorious; the question is how a group of Jihadis managed to defeat what is claimed to be the most powerful army in the world and force its hulking arsenal to retreat.

The reasons behind this are not known to the analysts and politicians. Fighters of Al Qassam Brigades, Al Quds Brigades and their comrades fight only to raise the word of Allah and to defend their home, so Allah helped them, despite relatives and neighbours who abandoned them, because they had soldiers that no spy satellites or monitoring devices could see.

The war on Gaza produced results that should be focused on, and here we wonder about where the leaders of Arab countries are who could have seized a valuable opportunity as the resistance of Gaza paved the way to completely eliminate Israel. However, they were piling up weapons to protect their borders against their neighbouring brothers.

Thank God, we belong to a country that is a haven for the oppressed and a defender of justice and rights. 

Crimes of Jews in Palestine have became so obvious that leaders of the free world should come together to bring Zionist leaders to fair trials and oblige them to restore what was destroyed during the war. And I salute the impartial media that is embodied in Aljazeera; and long live Gaza, the symbol of dignity and pride.