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Patriotism: From slogans to implementation

December 26, 2013 - 6:34:08 am
Qatar is the land of good and kindness, the land of love and purity, the land of honest men, the symbol of glory, the land of loyalty and unity, the message of peace, the safety for the good, the impervious deterrent against aggressors and the invincible resort for the oppressed that advocates the cause of the underprivileged.

Qatar is the authenticity of the past, the magnificence of the presence, the luminosity of the future and the love story parents read to their children.

Oh, Qatar, walk upon guidance from Allah, who destined you with great men and honest leaders who dedicated themselves to serve you and ensure prosperity for your people by virtue of Allah, the Praiseworthy and Honourable. 

You, my country, lives in our hearts and we live in your heart, we write, talk and address the world for your sake, we promise our Lord and our wise leadership that we will be forever devoted while seeking our nation’s glory. Here is Qatar getting beautifully decorated once again, its flag is flying in the sky of pride and glory, aspects of celebrations are reflected on our beloved country’s features, celebrating the foundation of our glorious country by Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Al Thani, may Allah bless his soul.

Sheikh Jassim founded the state in accordance to the Shariah and ensured justice, security, stability and elements of the national identity that derived from our religion.

It is a good opportunity to be reminded of practical patriotism, from mere slogans to implementation, and ask ourselves a pertinent question: “What did we provide to our homeland and what should we provide?” 

The answer is by doing the following:

1. Holding to the elements of the national identity and affiliation of religion, language, history, customs, traditions and authentic values.

2. Being honest and loyal to our leadership and discuss with them what is good for our country and citizens, how to protect it from possible dangers  remaining united under the leadership.

3. Being honest and responsible when appointed in public positions to achieve public interests.

4. According to each one’s status and role, everyone must be dedicated, master his work, and double his productivity.

5. Raising our children to appreciate the country’s resources, preserving public properties and facilities.

6. Complying with all regulations and laws and respecting public morals and the rights of others, wherever, whenever.

7. Establishing the importance of volunteerism, including the Invite to the way of the Lord, with wisdom and good instruction.

8. We should be ready to do any job, handicrafts, professional and vocational work and use our skills and capabilities to innovate to meet our society’s needs. 

9. Activate cooperation with authorities that fight crimes, behavioural abnormalities and dangerous phenomena as a response to the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice to achieve security and stability.

10. Comply with the country’s regulations and laws and respect customs, general etiquettes and rights of others.

Complying with the country’s regulations and laws is an honest proof of patriotism, and we have seen how officials through the media have stressed that law and regulations must be implemented and that violators must be punished seriously, especially young ones.

We applaud efforts of the traffic police patrols, security agencies and sponsors of national celebrations, and we highlight the importance of the role they play in implementation of deterrent measures against youth who are violating rules. National Day celebrations do not mean to violate the law, infringe on others’ freedoms, annoy residents or cause painful incidents.

So, our dear youth, be responsible and honest for the sake of your love for your country, which obligates you to present a civilised and shining image of how to celebrate and express love for the homeland.
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