QC allocates QR25m for rebuilding Gaza Strip

September 04, 2014 - 2:02:34 am

DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC) has allocated over QR25m for rebuilding war-ravaged Gaza Strip.

Senior QC officials attended the Gaza relief, recovery and reconstruction conference held recently in Istanbul by Qatar Charity.

Ibrahim Zainal Moosa, assistant executive director of global development projects and director of the Qatar Charity office in Gaza, said in a statement yesterday that  QC will be giving priority to life saving projects. It has allocated QR18m for health, food, water, agriculture, education and sanitation projects and another QR7.3m for projects like restoring water supply and repairing buildings damaged or demolished during the recent Israeli military offensive.

Al Zainal said that the offensive had killed 2,139 people in Gaza Strip and injured 11,200, and the material loss was worth $3.5bn.

He said Qatar had participated in organising the international conference to support the people of Gaza and participants in the conference had pledged to help Gazans by supporting basic infrastructure projects worth $100m.

About 250 people from more than 35 countries across the world, specialising in charitable and humanitarian work, attended the conference. 

They represented 75 humanitarian and charitable organisations. 

The conference has set two main goals, the first being to provide immediate relief to the people of Gaza, especially treating the injured and those in need of food and water, and the second being reconstruction and rebuilding of demolished homes.

He said Qatar Charity was coordinating aid to Gaza even during the Israeli offensive and had spent over QR7m on different projects.