Centre to monitor sea weather

 03 Sep 2014 - 2:43


DOHA: Qatar is all set to launch today a Gulf Marine Centre to provide meteorology services for the sea around its territory and the rest of the Gulf.
A senior official from Qatar’s Meteorology Department, Nawaf Al Hammadi, told this newspaper that the weather monitoring and early warning system will be launched this morning in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
As part of the project, five floating platform-like devices will be put in the Qatari waters in the Gulf at five select locations.
The devices will help monitor heat, air quality, humidity levels, wind direction and speed and waves and their height and speed as well as salinity of the sea water and other data related to climate change.
The data thus collected continuously will be used in key decision-making, said Al Hammadi.
He said the floating devices will be moved from where they are stored to the meteorology centre in Abu Hamour. From there they will be taken to Doha Port.
From Doha Port, four Qatari experts will be taking them in the sea for installation. The Qataris will stay in the sea for five days, said Al Hammadi.