SEC urges healthy school environment

September 01, 2014 - 2:01:34 am
Traffic jam seen last evening as residents started returning after summer vacation. More traffic jams are expected when schools reopen on Sunday. ABDUL BASIT

DOHA:  With the schools set to reopen next Sunday after the summer break, the Supreme Education Council (SEC) has urged managements to make sure that all arrangements are in place to provide a safe and healthy environment for students.

Work started yesterday for the teaching and administration staff in most schools in the country as they prepare to receive students for the new academic period.

The SEC said that they had unified the holidays for both Independent and private schools and that of Qatar University.

SEC said it will conduct routine visits to schools to ensure that they are meeting the required standards and to help school administrations address the problems they may face during the start of the new academic year. 

SEC also wanted to make sure that schools and teachers are ready to start receiving students on the first day, that every teacher has a list of their students and they are entering data on a daily basis of the attendees and absentees as required by the rules.

It asked schools to fill all vacant positions and complete the recruitment process ahead of the new academic year.

SEC is also calling on schools to host orientation meetings for the teaching and administrative staff to let them know their responsibilities. 

The authorities also called upon school heads to double their efforts and make sure that the school environment was ready to receive the new and old students.

Parents urged to ensure that their children attend school on a regular basis.

The education body called upon Independent school heads to hold meetings with parents to familiarise them with the way schools operate, its different academic programmes and also learn how they can support their children to improve their performance at school. 

SEC will be looking to the security and safety requirements for students are in place in all schools. It urged schools to ensure that their drivers and school bus supervisors have adequate training in handling students of all ages and that they know the students’ pick-up points. 

The schools must also ensure that buses and private cars have separate parking areas.