Villaggio evacuated after fire alarm

August 30, 2014 - 2:09:59 am

DOHA: Shoppers crowding Villaggio Mall were evacuated after a fire alarm went off in its precincts yesterday, reports Al Sharq.

The evacuation was quite quick despite the fact that a lot of people were there on a Friday, the daily said, adding that the mall’s management chose not to comment on the incident.

“People inside the mall were evacuated to safety immediately after the alarm went off and before they could know the reason why the alarm had gone off,” said the daily.

It was a good experience for the shoppers at the mall to have been taken to safety since memories of a fire that broke out there on May 28, 2012 and claimed 19 lives, mostly of children, were still fresh in their minds, the daily said.

Qatari dies in accident

DOHA: A Qatari died following a collision between two cars in Um Al Amid area after Friday prayers yesterday. Witnesses said the collision took place when a car ran a red light and the other driver did not notice the oncoming car. The Qatari’s car overturned. The traffic police and an ambulance soon reached the site, however, the victim’s life could not be saved.