Hamas ‘gave Israel a taste of its power’

 29 Aug 2014 - 2:37


DOHA: Hamas said yesterday it has given Israel the taste of its power and for the first time Tel Aviv painfully realises that its military cannot claim to be invincible anymore.
Hamas’ fiery chief, Khaled Meshaal, told a news conference that Israeli military’s claim of indomitability is shattered by Hamas’ resistance in the seven-week conflict. “This hasn’t happened before,” Meshaal said, according to Al Sharq.
Meshaal said until the recent conflict, the battle with Israel was always fought on the Palestinian land. “But this time we took the battle into their territory.”
Lauding it as a biggest achievement, the Hamas Politburo Chief said they had inched closer to achieving their pious objective of claiming Al Quds (Jerusalem) and Al Aqsa Mosque from Israel.
“We now firmly believe that resistance is the only viable option to achieving our goal,” said Meshaal.
“So, as Palestinians and as Arabs we will, with all our force, work towards achieving that goal. We are on the right track,” he added.
Meshaal said Tel Aviv had suffered on two counts: The world always thought that it was the victim of Palestinian resistance and that it was a powerful country at the same time — both the images now remain shattered.
“The credit for the above goes to the war tactics adopted by Hamas in the recent conflict,” said Meshaal.
He praised Qatar and the Emir, H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani for their support. 
He said Israel had put Hitler to shame in their holocaust. Israel is now a burden on the Jewish people all over the world, he said.
“Your leaders are telling you lies and taking you towards destruction. You can’t be safe and secure with Israel’s policy of settlements,” Meshaal said in a message to the people of Israel.
“Our enmity with you is not because of your religion. Our problem is Israel’s policy of occupation, Judaisation and settlements. Stop these crimes and the problem will be resolved.”
Meshaal challenged Israel and said force will be met with force. “We are not giving up our demand for a sea port and airport.”
He urged Egypt to open the Rafa crossing. “This is your duty as a neighbour and brother,” he said of Egypt and urged the international community to help rebuild Gaza.
Reiterating that resistance was sacred and the only viable option to deal with Israel, Meshaal added that arms were part of it. 
“You cannot separate resistance and weapons,” he said.
Meshaal said it was an honour for Qatar that Israel had put it on the list of hostile nations.