No policy review on encroachers

 27 Aug 2014 - 2:27


DOHA: There is no retreat or change in government decision to remove illegal structures encroaching on state-owned properties, Al Sharq said yesterday, quoting a senior official of the Ministry of Interior. Brigadier Ali Mohanna Al Noimi, Secretary, State Property Protection Committee, in an interview with an official magazine, described as “not correct” rumours that the government is reviewing its decision to crack down on land grabbers, and considering regularising them with fine. 

“This is not correct. The state is determined to remove all illegally built structures and committed to implementing the decision of the committee,” said Brigadier Al Noimi in the interview to a police magazine named Al Shurta Ma’ak (Police With You), which is published by the Public Relations Department of MoI.
He said that those who had not received a certificate to build and use state properties, including houses built in non-residential areas, whether new or old, will be removed.
He further said that citizens had no right to construct buildings or other structures on state-owned land without getting a mandatory certificate from the authorities.
Al Noimi reiterated that those who did not possess land use certificates or permission from the authorities and had constructed any structures will have them demolished.
He explained that demolition of some buildings was stopped because the owners had produced ownership papers and certificates, which did not mean that the government had reviewed its decision.
The official warned that those who have been allotted land but do not have a ‘land use certificate’ should not start construction until they obtain papers for the same.
“The committee is going to use the power and authority given to it with regard to protecting state properties by taking the necessary steps with the cooperation of all the authorities concerned,” the daily quoted Al Noimi as saying to the magazine.
With regard to modification of building plans and occupation of more than the allotted area, he said: “Those who have been given the right to use land plots and construct buildings must stick to the plans and not modify or increase the area they have been authorised to use.”