QIIB conducts fire drill

 24 Aug 2014 - 1:52

QIIB staff gather at an assembly point during a fire drill at the bank’s main branch.

DOHA: The International Islamic (QIIB) carried out an evacuation drill at its main branch on Grand Hamad Street recently.
The exercise was a part of strengthening of safety and security measures at the bank and also meant to display its permanent readiness for any fire or other emergency.
The drill included procedures that apply in the event of a fire. Staff entrusted with the implementation of security and safety procedures in each of the bank’s floors executed the instructions they were trained to perform. They supervised evacuation operations inside the building by guiding the staff to emergency exits, making sure they used the allocated routes, and directing them to predetermined assembly points for emergencies, in addition to ensuring the evacuation of all personnel from their offices.
“We are glad to note that the mock drill has proved that the bank’s entire security and emergency system is exactly in place,” said Jamal Abdullah Jamal, the executive vice president.