QRC refurnishes Al Wafaa hospital in Gaza

August 24, 2014 - 1:49:16 am
Staff attending to a patient at the new premises of Al Wafaa Hospital in Gaza.

DOHA: Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) has refurnished Al Wafaa Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation and Specialised Surgery in eastern Gaza City with new furniture and medical equipment. One month ago, the hospital was totally destroyed by Israeli bombs, so the medical staff and patients were moved to new premises in Al Zahraa area, southern Gaza City.

Describing the nature of assistance to Al Wafaa Hospital, Dr Akram Nassar, head of QRC’s Gaza Office, stated, “In coordination with the Islamic Development Bank, we allocated $126,000 to provide the new premises of Al Wafaa Hospital with medical equipment, such as ultrasound machines, sterilisation and physiotherapy devices, oxygen cylinders, and patient room furniture, so that the hospital can continue to serve the public despite the aggression.”

The new premises contain 80 beds, Dr Nassar clarified, 40 of which are for the elderly care centre, while the remaining are for patient clinical rehabilitation services.

On his part, Engineer Saber Al Zaaneen, who is in charge of projects at Al Wafaa Medical Hospital, said that the total losses from the destruction of the hospital’s facilities exceeded $10m, including entirely damaged medical equipment, furniture, operating rooms, ICU, and accommodation and services sections.

“We hope that enough financial support will be available to cover the cost of moving our patients to the new premises, which is still underequipped. The recent QRC contribution would definitely reduce the pressure on the hospital and help our staff take care of the patients,” he added.

In the same vein, Dr Nassar pointed out that QRC is conducting a project to secure medicines and medical consumables for eight Gaza private hospitals that support the Ministry of Health hospitals amid the aggression. The $450,000 grant allocates $50,000 for Al Wafaa Hospital.

The QRC official stressed the private hospitals’ need for urgent medical backing to keep working in parallel with the State hospitals to provide treatment and care for the victims of the Israeli bombings throughout Gaza.

The hospitals to receive medicines and medical consumables are: Al Awda Hospital in northern Gaza; Al Ahli Al Arabi, Patient Friends, Public Service, and Red Crescent hospitals in Gaza City; Dar Al Salam Hospital in Khan Younes; and Al Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah district, southern Gaza.

QRC relief teams are constantly undertaking their role in helping the distressed Gaza people and treat the daily increasing victims of Israeli bombs, while trying to make up for the destroyed facilities and halted services, particularly in the healthcare sector, which is given much attention by QRC to cope with the alarming increase in numbers of casualties due to the war.

The latest QRC medical intervention was purchasing and distributing $200,000 new medical equipment to Gaza hospitals, with additional $1.5 million medical equipment underway, to boost capacity of the recipient hospitals, improve responsiveness to the aftermaths of the aggression, and admit the thousands of newcomers.

From the very beginning of the crisis, QRC has pledged $2m through its Disaster Response Fund to provide urgent relief for Gaza.