Mowasalat expands top-up options for Smartcard users

 21 Aug 2014 - 1:21

Officials from Mowasalat and DHI exchange documents following the signing of an agreement allowing Karwa bus passengers to top up their Karwa Smartcards at DHI PayThem Points.

DOHA: People travelling by Karwa buses will now be able to top up their Karwa Smartcards through DHI PayThem Points, which are located at hundreds of outlets throughout Qatar, following an agreement between Mowasalat and DHI.
Existing commuters will benefit from the convenience of being able to top up their Smartcards at any PayThem Point, and the new facility is expected to encourage prospective customers to try Mowasalat’s economical, effective and safe services.
Karwa is committed to providing its services and smart solutions to maintain a high standard of interaction with its commuter customers. The company is keen to provide a comprehensive service for the benefit of customers through more effective and economical solutions.
Through its numerous outlets, Mowasalat has achieved huge success, with thousands of commuters purchasing Karwa Smartcards from Al Ghanim Bus Station, mobile outlets and a growing number of participating shops throughout Qatar.
Commenting on the partnership with DHI, Khalid Al Hail, Mowasalat CEO, said: “Through the provision of widespread services for the public, Mowasalat aims to promote the use of public transport modes. The company provides new benefits that will play a major role in enhancing the use of transport services to achieve sustainable development.”
Jassim Al Khayat, Mowasalat Director of Information Technology and Communications, said that Mowasalat was proud to conclude the new agreement with DHI as an addition to the e-payment portal for Karwa e-payment cards through DHI’s PayThem Point of Sale network. 
He said Mowasalat was in the process of introducing new strategic partners to expand its services and make them more accessible to users through various e-portals.
“We are delighted with this partnership because it fits perfectly with DHI’s vision.  And to serve Karwa bus commuters who will benefit from the convenience of being able to top up their Karwa Smartcards at hundreds of outlets throughout Qatar. At the same time, small and medium enterprises can benefit from the business opportunity of becoming a PayThem Point and selling Karwa Smartcard top ups. And all of this will benefit DHI and Mowasalat.