Finnish school begins enrolling students

 20 Aug 2014 - 1:55

Hamad Al Ghali Al Marri, director of the SEC Private Schools Office, Juha Repo, Principal, Qatar-Finland International School, and Tiina Raatikainen, an expert with EduCluster Finland during a launch event for the school at Hilton Doha yesterday. KAMMUTTY  VP

DOHA: The Qatar Finland International School held a launch event to introduce the new school yesterday.
Juha Repo, Principal of Qatar Finland International School, Hamad Al Ghali Al Marri, Director, Private Schools Office at Supreme Education Council, and Tiina Raatikainen, a Lead Expert with EduCluster Finland, spoke about the school and its curriculum during the launch event held at Hilton Doha.
Qatar Finland International School is among the 15 new schools opening in Qatar in September 2014 for the 2014-15academic year.
The Finnish school is a primary school for girls and boys aged between five and seven years.
The school, located in Al Dohail, is starting with the pre-school level and grades one and two for the academic year 2014-15. Admission to the school is open and parents can apply online for places for their children.
The school provides best educational practices from Finland in the Qatari context. It will provide an integrated learning environment supporting child-centred, active and playful learning as well as inquiry-based and problem-solving approaches.
The school will aim at coaching children to have higher cognitive skills, learn to learn, have cultural competences, learn self-expression, look after themselves, manage daily activities, and the basics of safety. It will also teach working life skills, entrepreneurship and responsibility. The main language of instruction is English and language support will be provided for non-native English speakers. All students will also study Arabic. The teachers responsible for the Finnish curriculum are from Finland, all holding master’s degrees in education.