Ministry again warns against partitioning of villas and residential units

August 18, 2014 - 2:10:07 am

DOHA: The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (Baladiya) has repeatedly warned people against partitioning of villas and residential units without permission from concerned authorities.

Ali Saleh Al Marri, Head of the Legal Studies Section at the ministry, said Baladiya is strictly monitoring partitioning of villas and residential units, the local Arabic daily Al Arab has reported.

If a violator makes reconciliation with the ministry, the fine is QR250 per square metre, but if the case is transferred to the court, the fine is from QR250 to QR500 per square metre, Al Marri said during a meeting with the local media.

Internal partitions of buildings need investigation, but entry to the premises can only be done with legal permission. 

Inspectors, however, can find some hints from outside buildings even without entering them.

Indications of partitioning include the total number of air conditioners and their location, the painting of the house and the number of cars parked in front of it. 

Another violation is providing accommodation for workers in areas intended for families. 

These rules have been created for the benefit of all people because partitioning and increasing the number of occupants in an accommodation create pressure on electricity, water, sewage and other facilities. 

If an owner wants a building partitioned, he may ask the ministry, providing justification on why he wants to make the partition. 

In this regard the Central Municipal Council has recommended to the ministry in collaboration with Kahramaa to cut electricity and water services from all buildings that have partitions. 

It also recommended that construction licences should indicate that partition is not allowed and changing the features of the building without permission from the concerned authorities. 

In addition, inspectors should get support from the Public Prosecution to ease judicial procedures and to be able to enter accommodation units to check violations.