Prosecute coup leaders over Rabe’a massacre: Al Qaradawi

 15 Aug 2014 - 2:05

DOHA: Noted Islamic scholar and President of International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) , Dr Yusef Al Qaradawi, has called for the prosecution of those responsible for the ‘massacre’ of hundreds in Rabe’a Al Adawiya in Egypt.
The “coup leaders” who used force to disperse people holding peaceful protest are responsible for the mass murder. Those who lost their lives included youth, women, children and old people, Al Qaradawi said in a statement issued by IUMS yesterday. 
The August 14 massacre was carried out by “coup leaders’ and their supporters. The leaders will be accountable in front of Allah. This was a premeditated mass killing. 
The aim of the “coup leaders” was not just to disperse the people who were demanding freedom and dignity, but to eliminate them. The “coup leaders’ must be brought to justice, he said.