Phase 4 of C-Ring Road project to start early

 14 Aug 2014 - 2:07

DOHA: The Public Works Authority, ‘Ashghal’, will start the fourth phase of road development works on C-Ring Road tomorrow.
This may affect residents and businesses in the area serviced by the new Salata junction until Al Kinana junction and the stretch from the Centre Roundabout until just before Al Asiri interchange.
Completion of the fourth phase will result in the conversion of roundabouts to signal-controlled intersections to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion during peak hours. 
As part of the project, a signalised pedestrian crossing will be created for all four crossings at each of the new intersections. The C-Ring Road project will enhance the road’s design and increase its capacity to accommodate the projected growth in traffic. With the addition of a fourth lane, capacity on C-Ring Road is expected to increase by approximately 25 percent.
Work on the fourth phase is being started before starting the planned second phase to prevent an overlap between work on the C-Ring Road project and work on a new expressway project that will commence in the near future.
To minimise disruption, two lanes will remain open to traffic in both directions throughout the construction period. Access to businesses and residences in the area will be maintained through provision of temporary alternative accesses.
Work on phase four will last nearly five months, and will include adding a fourth lane, in addition to maintaining and repaving the existing three lanes. 
Work on C-Ring Road will take about two and a half months, and once this section is complete, work will commence on the ‘feeder’ roads leading from C-Ring Road, including Ali Bin Taleb Road and the Salwa Road extension, and will take two and a half months.
The project will require closing some service roads temporarily and providing alternative ones. Pedestrian access to businesses and residential buildings in the area will be provided until the completion of the project.
Since starting the C-Ring Road project, Ashghal has made considerable progress on the construction of the first phase. The Umm Ghuwailina roundabout, also known as VIP roundabout, has been removed and converted to a signal-controlled intersection. Ashghal is laying the pre-final layer of asphalt on the newly added lanes to the intersection and will soon install traffic lights and connect them to Doha’s Intelligent Transportation System. Work on the first phase of the project is expected to be completed on schedule.
The C-Ring Road development project is part of a series of projects implemented by Ashghal to improve the network of local roads and expressways across the country. Road enhancement works include converting roundabouts to signal-controlled intersections and widening roads to increase capacity.