QC’s multi-service project completed in Indonesia

 12 Aug 2014 - 2:05

A section of the school built at a cost of QR1.5m.

DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC) has completed a new multi-service project in Indonesia.
The ‘House of the Quran’ school is valued at QR1.5m and will benefit over 350 students.
The school comprises six classrooms, a mosque, a science laboratories’ hall, an office, a water well and eight toilets, housing for teachers and students and two shops. 
The school aims to improve the level of education and community development in the target area and comes as part of community development projects complying with the 2015 Millennium Development Goals.
This is the 15th multi-service centre established by QC in Indonesia, with others spread across several cities. 
QC has also established cultural and educational projects in the country, including construction of 16 schools benefiting around 53,000 people, and 496 mosques benefitting around a quarter of a million people, in addition to a project for the printing and distribution of the Holy Quran, benefitting around 150,000 people. 
QC opened its Indonesia office in the state of Aceh in 2006. 
It also has a representative in the state of West Java, and another in the state of East Timor. 
QC’s main areas of work in Indonesia focuses on the following: Construction of mosques, schools and other educational institutes, Quran memorisation centres, orphanages, health centres and homes for poor families, sponsorship of teachers, preachers, students and poor families, health awareness and environmental campaigns for students and the digging of shallow and artesian wells. 
QC also carried out special projects last Ramadan, benefitting tens of thousands of people, at a cost of over QR600,000, including Iftar meals and Zakat Al Fitr.