SEC releases list of 15 new schools

 11 Aug 2014 - 2:01


DOHA: The Supreme Education Council is urging parents who wish to enrol their children to new schools to make sure the schools have been licenced by the SEC to operate this coming academic year.
The SEC yesterday released the list of new private schools which have been granted licence to operate for academic year 2014-2015.
The list includes 15 new schools and seven new branches of existing schools in different parts of the country.
Of the 15 new schools, six are Qatari, four Indian, one Finnish, two British and two American. 
The seven newly-licensed branches, on the other hand, comprise one French, one Syrian, one American, two British and two Indian schools.
Fawzia Al Khater, Director,  Education Institute, the SEC, stressed that parents have the right to ask the managers of these they have been approved by the SEC to open and receive students for the academic year.
The SEC said it would publish on its website the names of the newly-licensed schools and continue updating the list with the names of new schools as soon as they have finished the licensing procedures. 
Parents may check this list for their reference.
Parents should also follow up on what the SEC has announced through the media and on its website to ensure the schools where they are enrolling their children are on the list, taking into account the fact that some existing schools have new branches which should secure appropriate licence to be able to accept students for the coming academic year, added Al Khater.
She said the SEC had approved the opening of new schools in different parts of the country as well as new branches of existing schools to increase the capacity of these schools in response to the increasing demand.
Parents should not register their children in schools which have not yet finished the process of licensing, Al Khater said.
She said the concerned committees at the SEC hold meetings every week to review and follow-up new applications.
Of the 15 new schools, four are in Muwaither, including one in North Muaither while two schools are in Al Wakra.
New Doha, Ferij Sudan, Al Laqfa, Labib, Al Aziziyah, Al Nassr, Al Mamura, Mesaimer and Ain Khalid have one school each.
The new list of schools include six national schools, four Indian schools, two British schools, two American schools and one Finnish school.